[1] Bikepacking
Bikepacking is essentially backpacking, but with a bike. Any ride that includes an overnight stay, bikepacking trips are usually off-road and light on gear (as opposed to fully fledged touring). Instead of taking your bike camping, try taking camping on your bike.

Merida Big Nine 300 (2014)
Club $1080 (RRP $1149)


Apollo Xact (2014)
Club $1431 (RRP $1789)


Topeak Beam MTX Rack
Club $84 (RRP $89.99)

Topeak MTX-EX Trunk Bag
Club $84 (RRP $89.95)


Shimano Click'R CT70 Bike Shoes
Club $110 (RRP $129)


Gemini Olympia 1800-Lumen 4-Cell Light
Club $252 (RRP $279.99)

[2] Gravity Endruo
Gravity Enduro is a discipline that combines elements of downhill and cross country riding. Tracks are less technical than traditional downhill, with riders competing for the fastest time in a stage-race format. Get timed charging the downhill section, then ride over the to the next stage and repeat.

Norco Sight 7.1 (2014)
Club $3548 (RRP $3899)


Merida One-Sixty 1 (2014)
Club $4575 (RRP $5199)


Tate Labs Mount for Garmin
Club $33 (RRP $35)

Camelbak Mule NV 3L Hydration Bag
Club $152 (RRP $169.95)


MET Parabellum Helmet
Club $195 (RRP $229.99)


Ems Power Cookie (Box of 8)
Club $31 (RRP $48)

[3] Off Road Triathlon
Off Road Triathlon is the three discipline format we all know, just transplanted to an off road setting. Swim (sometimes kayak) through a creek, followed by trail riding and running. In case triathlon wasn't demanding enough for you, add the technical demands of an off road course to keep it interesting.

Merida Big 7 500 (2014)
Club $1362 (RRP $1449)


Cube Reaction GTC Pro 29 (2014)
Club $2365 (RRP $2599)


Garmin VIRB Elite ANT+ Action Camera
Club $479 (RRP $499)

Accessory Kit Pro Combipack
Club $39 (RRP $79.99)


Lazer Ultrax Helmet (Camo)
Club $99 (RRP $119.99)


Torq Gel Rubarb & Custard (Box of 20)
Club $59 (RRP $79)

[4] Cyclocross
Cyclocross racing involves laps of a short course featuring terrain such as pavement, grass, hills, and obstacles that require the riders to dismount and carry their bikes around/over/through. If you can't decide whether you prefer road racing, mountain biking or Tough Mudder, this is the event for you.

Merida Cyclo Cross 4 (2014)
Club $1399 (RRP $1749)


Cube Cross Race Disc (2014)
Club $1759 (RRP $2199)


Tyre Maxxis Raze 700x33 Wire
Club $36 (RRP $39.99)

BBB Select Sunglasses
Club $110 (RRP $129.99)


Fox Digit Full Finger Glove
Club $29 (RRP $32.99)


Endura Max Raspberry 330g
Club $45 (RRP $49.99)

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