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Our Range Of Triathlon Bikes For Sale

Time Trial and Triathlon bikes designed specifically for time trial racing and triathlon bike legs. These bikes are used on courses that are generally shorter and flatter than those of road races, and also have rules prohibiting drafting behind other cyclists. This means that reducing the aerdynamic drag of the rider and bicycle is very important.

One main difference from the drop bar road bike is the addition of aerobars, which allow the rider to get lower, and extend much further forward, in front of where traditional handle bars would allow. This creates a very aerodynamic riding position, that can generate a lot of power and speed across a flat course. Riding on aerobars sacrifices some stability, handling and comfort, but due to the nature of the events which are shorter, flatter and don't allow for congreagations of riders this is becomes less of an issue.

Bikes for triathlon tend to be set up slightly differently than to time trail racing, due to the need for the rider to preserve muscles for running. The set up of a triathlon bike generally has the saddle set further forward, which places less stress on hamstrings and emphasises pedalling with non-running muscle groups.

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