Hey, you know those things hanging out of your sleeves? They’re called your arms, and chances are if you’re riding in Australia you’ll need to protect them from a wide variety of elements.

Arm warmers

Built for speed, road racing bikes have an emphasis on low weight and high efficiency in all aspects of design and components. The frame geometry is designed to place the rider in a very aerodynamic position for racing and training.

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What happens some days (particularly on longer riders) is that you start out very cold, but as both you and the day around you warm up, you no longer require all the layers you did when you set out. Enter warmers, which are most commonly worn on the arms and knees, and simply slide on and off the exposed skin when required. This allows you to stay warm early on, then as the sun comes out you simply pull off said warmers on the go, without needing to stop the bike. They're then small enough to easily tuck away into your jersey pockets for the rest of the ride. Sign