Cruiser Bike Buyers Guide

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Cruiser bikes are classically styled, simple and comfortable - perfect options for around town riding and commuting. Cruiser bikes have a relaxed, upright riding position, which makes them comfortable and easy to ride (particularly at low speeds). Cruiser bikes often have only one or a few gears, making them very simple to ride and extremely easy to maintain.

Cruiser Bikes

Cruiser Bikes are available in a huge range of colours and styles. They feature wide, comfy tyres, and raised handlebars making them a comfortable option for getting around the neighbourhood. Available in single, 3, or 7 speeds if your legs or suburb require some extra gears. Their retro good-looks, low maintenance, easy riding and cheap price point has seen the cruiser become a popular option for trips to the park, beach, pub, shops and more.

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Vintage cruisers are available in mens and womens specific frames. They typically look like the retro styled bikes one would typically associate with Copenhagen or Amsterdam.


Beach cruisers typically have a different shaped frame, and much bigger, sweeping handle bars. Typically seen on flat paths running along the beach front, they are designed for easy handling with an ice cream in one hand or a surfboard hooked up to the side.