Five good reasons to ride to work.

1. Save money... It's fair to say most people could do with a little more money in their pockets. Do some quick sums - how much do you spend each week on fuel, public transport, parking, maintenance etc.? The RACQ estimates cycling just 10km each way to work would save $1700 per year in vehicle running costs. That's $1700 you're not handing over to start and finish each day sitting in traffic.

2. Lose weight... You'll not only burn calories and fat while you're on the ride, but you'll kick start your metabolism and continue to burn more calories for the hours after you've stopped. This boost also happens to come at the times of the day when you need it the most - in the morning before you sit down at your desk for the day, and in the evening before you have dinner and put your feet up.

3. Save time... Riding to work can create more time in your day for other things. Short commutes in peak hour are often as fast or faster by bike because you don't have to sit in traffic. You can also get your daily exercise and daily commute done all at once, killing two birds with one stone.

4. Save the planet... Bike riding is a pollution-free mode of transport. If you rode 10km each way to work, you would save over 1.5 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions being release into the atmosphere each year! In addition to that, congestion caused by peak traffic accounts for an extra 13 million tonnes released each year around Australia's six major cities!

5. Live longer... We all know it by now, but regular exercise adds years to your life. As little as 30 minutes a day is proven to significantly reduce the risk of killers like cardiovascular disease, type two diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and obesity. So ride like your life depended on it!

Great bikes and gear for commuters...

Merida Ride 90 (2014)
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Apollo Silhouette 30 Womens (2013)
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Cube Peloton Race (2014)
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Norco Tactic 3 (2014)
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Apollo Transfer 10 Black (2014)
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Merida Speeder T2 (2014)
Club $892 (RRP $949)

Apollo Trace 20 Hi Viz (2014)
Club $657 (RRP $699)


Sonar Vogue Womens (2014)
Club $387 (RRP $479)


Merida Scultura 904 (2014)
Club $1959 (RRP $2449)

Apollo Vintage 8 Womens (2014)
Club $596 (RRP $635)


Norco VFR 4 Forma Womens (2014)
Club $519 (RRP $649)


Merida Big Nine 40-MD (2014)
Club $657 (RRP $699)

Deuter Crossbike 18 Backpack
Club $89 (RRP $99.99)


Axiom Streamliner DLX Road Pannier Rack
Club $45 (RRP $49.99)


Mirror Zefal Z Eye
Club $22 (RRP $24.99)

Garmin Edge 510 Classic GPS Computer
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Minipump Lezyne Road Drive MD Silver
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Quad Lock Phone Case for iPhone and Galaxy
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Shimano Click'R CT70 Bike Shoes
Club $110 (RRP $129)


Lazer Ultrax Helmet
Club $99 (RRP $119.99)


Netti Ashtabula Cycling Jersey
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Clif Bar White Chocolate Macadamia (Box of 12)
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99 Bikes 3 Watt LED Front Light
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Lezyne Super Drive XL 500-Lumen Light
Club $109 (RRP $119.99)

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