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  1. JetBlack Whisper Smart Trainer
    JetBlack Whisper Smart Trainer
    Now $879.00 RRP $999.00 SAVE $120.00
  2. Jet Black Riser Block | MTB/Road | 99 Bikes
    Jet Black Riser Block | MTB/Road
    Now $15.00 RRP $19.99 SAVE $4.99
  3. JetBlack S1 Sport (with Lite App) | 99 Bikes
    JetBlack S1 Sport Trainer with Lite App
    Now $149.00 RRP $159.99 SAVE $10.99
  4. Trainer JetBlack M5 Magnetic with App | 99 Bikes
    JetBlack M5 Magnetic Trainer (with App)
    Now $199.00 RRP $209.99 SAVE $10.99
  5. Jet Black Trainer Mat | 99 Bikes
    Jet Black Trainer Mat
    Now $62.00 RRP $89.00 SAVE $27.00
  6. Jet Black Sweatnet Trainer | 99 Bikes
    Jet Black Sweatnet Trainer
    Now $20.00 RRP $27.50 SAVE $7.50
  7. Jet Black Whisper Drive Speed Sensor | 99 Bikes
    Jet Black Whisper Drive Speed Sensor
    Now $55.00 RRP $74.99 SAVE $19.99

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Indoor Bike Trainers

An Indoor Trainer removes any excuses you can think of for not riding. You can set it up anywhere you like (even in front of the TV) allowing you to continue riding regardless of time of day, nasty weather etc. Indoor Trainers have risen in popularity thanks to integration with training platforms like Zwift, which allow you to connect your set up and race the best tracks in the world against others - nothing like a little friendly competition to keep you focused on your training goal!

Types of Indoor Trainers

There are a variety of trainers varying in budget and rider benefits. The less expensive Magnetic Trainers offer a cost-effective option and are great for riders that just want the occasional 'bail out' option without having to spend too much. Fluid Trainers offer a more realistic riding feel due to the way resistance is applied, and are generally preferred by riders intending to use the trainers as a more integral part of their riding. With Rollers being the cheapest of Indoor Trainers which are great for starting out. Both Magnetic & Fluid Trainers are quieter than wind trainers. Indoor Trainers are known by many different names such as Turbo Trainers, Wind Trainers or simply Bike Trainers.

Smart Trainers

However for the ultimate indoor training experience, a Smart Trainer provides a huge amount of data and interactivity to provide an ultra-realistic training session. They are great for the more experienced rider who can track everything they would outdoors, indoors on their Smart Trainer.

Indoor Trainer Accessories

You will also want to complete your indoor training set up and track your performance with a range of Indoor Trainer Accessories like Training Mats, Trainer Tyres, Speed & Cadence Sensors and Wheel Blocks. You are spoilt for choice from the best indoor trainer brands available at 99 Bikes. With top brands like Wahoo, Tacx, CycleOps, Jetblack and more. Available right here, you can be set up to train in no time, whatever the weather.