Fixie Bikes

Fixie bikes, or fixed gear bikes as they are otherwise known, are beautifully simple bike with no gears. As the name suggests this type of bike feature a fixed hub - which means your pedals will always turn with the wheels. Fixie bikes are incredibly popular due to their low maintenance requirements and affordability compared with the more technically complex geared bikes. Fixie bikes have also become somewhat of a fashion accessories in recent times with many riders choosing to express themselves via a range of customisations. Fixies are perfect for urban commuters or riders simply looking for a weekend cruising machine and are built with durability and style in mind.

Fixie bikes are great bikes for around town riding as they are cheap, durable, hassle free and look cool. Typically steel frame with no gears damage means they’re perfect to chuck around at your leisure - drop them on their side, bang them getting into a lift - who cares? Perfect for rides to work, school, park or pub.

Single Speed Bikes

Single speed bikes are very similar to fixed gear bikes however they feature a free hub which means your pedals and cranks don’t spin with your rear wheel when you’re not pedalling. Being able to ‘free wheel’ can lead to more comfortable riding particularly when going down hills or at faster speeds.

Our range of Fixie bikes feature ‘flip flop hubs’ which means you can switch between riding as a fixed gear or single speed.