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Huge Range of Mountain Bikes For Sale

Mountain bikes are very versatile machines that make getting off-road easy as well as being well-suited to more recreational and commuter purposes. Entry-level mountain bikes are a great option for those sticking to bike paths, parks, light use on unsealed surfaces and commuting. As they progress through the range, these bikes become more suited to longer rides, and rougher terrain, with a focus on durability and performance.

Most Popular Brands

Hardtail Mountain Bikes

When mountain bikes are ‘hardtail’ it simply means there is no suspension at the rear, and in most cases they feature front suspension in the forks. They are best suited to light trails, bike paths, parks and commuting. Typically, hardtail mountain bikes are less expensive because they are mechanically simpler, as in come without rear shocks, pivots or tubes behind the seat. This also means the bikes are lighter and easier to handle.

Check out our range of hardtail mountain bikes.

Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes

Also referred to as full suspension mountain bikes, these bikes primarily differ from Hardtails in that they feature suspension at both the front and the rear of the bike. They are also built with more hardware, such as rear shocks, making them generally a more expensive option.

The additional hardware means they are better suited for rough terrain and more technical riding because the rear shocks make for a more comfortable ride.

Check out our range of dual suspension mountain bikes.

Downhill Mountain Bikes

For the adrenaline junkies who want to kick it up a gear, our range of downhill mountain bikes are specifically designed for downhill racing on steep, technical trails. They are dual (or ‘full’) suspension bikes with a special focus on features that improve durability and braking.

Check out our range of downhill mountain bikes.

Fat Bikes

Fat bikes get their name from the wider wheel sizes and extremely tough, low-pressure tyres. By creating a ‘wider foot-print’, the weight of the bike is spread across a larger surface area, preventing the rider from becoming ‘bogged’. This makes fat bikes the best option on sand, snow and mud.

Check out our range of fat bikes.

How To Find The Right Size Mountain Bike

When looking at any of the bikes on our online store, you’ll be able to see a Bike Sizing Chart as you scroll down the page. Bikes may come in the following sizes: XS (Extra Small), SM (Small), MD (Medium), LG (Large) and XL (Extra Large).

Simply measure your height in centimeters and find the corresponding bike size in the chart. It’s that easy!

You’ll notice some sizes and heights overlap, for example, a rider measuring between 150-155cm could find a XS or SM sized bike comfortable.

Don’t forget that when purchasing a new bike you will receive a free professional fitting to make sure you get the bike tailored to your needs.

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