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  1. Kid's Bike Buying Guide

    Kid's Bike Buying Guide

    Whether it’s your kids first bike, or they’ve outgrown their old set of wheels; buying a kids bike can be difficult if you don’t know how to pick the right one.

    Kids bikes are sized according to their wheel size, not their frame size like adult bikes. Size is the most important consideration when choosing bicycles for kids. The right size bike will help keep your child safe, comfortable and get the most enjoyment from their bike.

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  2. Things You Need For An Awesome Commute!

    Things You Need For An Awesome Commute!

    Riding to work is fun, easy, avoids traffic, and keeps you fit! Check out our top tips for an awesome commute before your next ride to work.

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  3. Summary of the 2019 Norco Search XR Adventure Bike

    The Norco Search XR is an adventure bike that is designed for the rider that is looking to push the limits of what to expect from a traditional road bike. All riding preferences are catered for, with Carbon and Steel frames both available, plus an alloy option later in the season.

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  4. Wrap up of the 2019 Merida Scultura and Scultura Disc Brake Bike

    The Merida Scultura, a performance road bike with models to suit riders from the absolute beginner right through to elite level road racers. The bike is also available in the Juliet frame which is engineered specifically to suited to female riders.

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  5. Summary of the 2019 Merida eOne Sixty

    The 2019 Merida eOne Sixty is the perfect performance electric mountain bike for those riders that are serious about maximising their time on technical and challenging trails. Every inch of the bikes in this platform have been considered in their design, to ensure riders get the full experience without the cumbersome need to put in significant effort to get to the top of each trail.

    The eOne Sixty range covers all mountain bikers looking to experience the thrill of a long travel enduro mountain bike with pedal assist power to tackle those arduous climbs.

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  6. Summary for 2019 Merida eSpresso eBike

    The 2019 Merida eSpresso is a versatile urban electric bike designed for the recreational rider and commuter. This bike is well suited to less experienced riders as well as capable riders who would like to travel further but want the extra assistance that electric bikes provide. Electric bikes such as the Merida eSpresso makes cycling a viable means of transport for people who want to ride to work but feel intimidated by distance or hills.

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  7. Summary of the all new 2019 Merida Reacto Road Bike

    The Merida Reacto is a high-performance aero road bike that is built to go fast. This bike is best suited to those riders looking for an aero advantage such as the crit racing cyclist or triathlete. The Reacto range comes in a range of models to suit all riders, with most models in the range now exclusively offered with hydraulic disc brakes.

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  8. The all new 2019 Merida Mission CX Cyclocross Bike

    The new 2019 Merida Mission CX is a race-ready cyclocross bike that is cleverly and intelligently designed so that it can offer much more versatility away from the cyclocross race track.

    With a multitude of different models across the Mission CX platform, this bike is also suited to commuters, gravel grinders and even weekend adventurers with its distinctive design and sporty geometry.

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  9. Summary of 2019 Norco Range Mountain Bike

    The Norco Range is an enduro bike built to tear downhill even on the most technical trails. This dual suspension bike is built for the serious rider that wants high-performance without breaking the bank.

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  10. The new 2019 Norco Sight Mountain Bike

    The Norco Sight is a mountain bike that is built to be versatile and aggressive. Built for riders who like to push their limits on technical trails, but maintain a good level of pedal efficiency.

    The Sight comes in both aluminum and carbon frames to suit all riders and price points. There is also an option suitable for female riders that features a fresh colour, smaller frame and updated saddle.

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