With the Silly Season approaching, Santa's workload is getting big. He's making a list. He's checking it twice. After all, he's got to find out who's naughty and nice. That's why a bit of help goes a long way, and when it comes to bikes as a Christmas gift, Santa and his elves always turn to 99 Bikes. They love the friendly, approachable service, flexible payment options, and the wide range of in-stock styles for the whole family. Plus, the bikes come fully built and delivered, so that's one less thing for the elves and one less chimney for Santa!.

1. Santa loves that 99 Bikes is the world's most approachable bike shop

Everyone knows Santa's much more used to riding around on a sleigh than a bike, so he loves that he's able to chat with the friendly staff at 99 Bikes for approachable and expert advice. So, whether you're also new to the world of cycling or a seasoned pro, the team members are always there to help. They won't confuse you (or Santa) with too much tech talk (unless that's what you're into) and won't judge you if you don't know your drop bar from your front derailleur. All they want is for you to have a wonderful Christmas and to join the Aussie-wide cycling family.

2. There's a Perfect Ride Guarantee in case you don't like Santa's gift

Santa usually has the goods when it comes to Christmas presents, but even the big man in red isn't infallible. A bike is a long-term investment, and Santa wants you to be happy with your new wheels. However, sometimes you just don't know it's the perfect ride until you've spent some time in the saddle. That's why 99 Bikes has a Love It or Swap It Perfect Ride Guarantee. You've got 30 days to try out your new bike, and if you're not completely satisfied, you can exchange it. Plus, there's no need to stress about minor wear on the tires, chain, or handlebars – they understand that you have to get out and about to test your new wheels. 

3. The Best Price Guarantee is even better than North Pole pricing

Everyone, including Santa, loves a good bargain, especially at Christmas time. That's why 99 Bikes has a Best Price Guarantee. If you're eyeing off a product but find it cheaper in-store or online with another Australian retailer (or in Santa's workshop), let them know, and not only will they match the price, but they'll also take another 5% off! Check out the full details here.

4. Managing Santa's Workshop Toy Budget is easier with layby and finance options

Sharing the Christmas cheer and buying gifts for everyone can get expensive, even for Santa. However, 99 Bikes offers a variety of payment options to make things easier. Of course, there are the traditional methods like cash and card. Alternatively, you can shop now and pay later with both Afterpay and Zip for flexible payment solutions. Finally, head-instore for layby. The bonus of this is that not only do you get to pay it off over time, but 99 Bikes will keep it in storage, so you don't have to find a hiding place at home to keep the gift a surprise for Christmas morning!

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5. Your first tune-up is the Elves' shout

While Santa's elves have done a great job building your new bike, just like other types of vehicles, it does need regular servicing to keep it in tip-top shape and functioning well. So, to help you out, your first tune-up is on the house! 99 Bikes has qualified bike mechanic elves and workshops in all the stores. A tune-up includes a service report, safety check, frame wipe-down, brakes and gear tuning, and all bolts checked and tightened. Then you'll be back on the road or trails in no time.

6. The 99 Bikes elves give great advice on choosing the perfect gift

Sometimes Santa needs a bit of help deciding on what gifts to get everyone on his Nice List. That's why he heads to 99 Bikes, regardless if he's looking for a four-year-old's first bike, a casual cruiser for mum, or a new electric commuter bike to make getting to work easier for you. The 99 Bikes elves can help sort through the massive range of kids' bicycles with training wheels, excellent step-through cruisers, and commuter e-bikes. Then, they'll also help choose the right accessories that make great stocking stuffers, as well as the all-important safety equipment such as helmets.

7. The great in-stock range of kids' bikes and scooters ensures ecstatic smiles on Christmas morning

The smiles that light up children's faces with joy on Christmas morning are Santa's favourite thing this time of year, especially when they find a new bike under the tree! This is precisely why he always turns to 99 Bikes for the fantastic range of kid's bikes and scooters. Plus, the elves have been working overtime to ensure the kid's models are in stock! As such, if you're also looking for gifts for your kids, no matter their age or experience, there'll be the ideal model to pop under the tree. There's everything from balance bikes for your really little ones or 12 to 16-inch bikes with training wheels for the next step up. Once older kids are confident riding, there are dozens of other models, including BMX and mountain bike styles with or without gears. Alternatively, if your kids already have a bike or aren't ready for one, scooters are another great option. They come in various styles and still get them out and about on two wheels and mastering all kinds of fun tricks.

8. All the bikes come built, and safety checked three times, just like they would if they came from Santa's Workshop.

Santa and his 99 Bikes elves have a reputation for their high-quality bikes. However, because your well-being and safety are their highest priority, all the bikes come built when you pick them up from your local store or get them delivered. That way, you don't need to unbox anything, dig through the miscellaneous kitchen draw for an Allen key or screwdriver, or question your sanity at midnight on Christmas Eve when you're still assembling it. All the hard work is already done. Plus, once the bike is up and ready to roll, it's triple-checked for safety, ensuring peace of mind.

9. Free shipping over $99 means more dollars in the toy (or cookies and milk) budget

The journey to the North Pole is long, so shipping can get expensive. That's why Santa loves the bonus of free shipping on orders over $99 for items such as accessories, clothing, helmets, and maintenance gear (bulky items and bikes aren't included). These kinds of things make great Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers for family and friends who already have a bike. Kit them out with a new sweat-wicking jersey or gloves for safe, warm hands. Water bottles and cages are also great, as are backpacks to make carrying gear easier. If they enjoy listening to music as they ride, bike-safe headphones such as Aftershokz are excellent for staying connected. Finally, maintenance kits and tools may not be the most glamourous thing to find under the tree, but Santa reckons they're exceptionally practical and are a gift that will keep on giving.

10. Santa can organise local bike delivery

One of the best things about shopping online for bikes and accessories is that Santa can do it from the North Pole but organise local delivery from a nearby 99 Bikes store. Before delivering it right to your door, the expert in-workshop elf mechanics will build the bike, performing a triple safety check. Then, before they leave your house, they’ll walk you through your new bike, with all its features and functions, answering any questions you might have so you're ready to jump on and get exploring.