An action camera is a great way to capture all the excitement from your rides, whether they be on or off road. When deciding which action camera is right for you, the first step is to consider what type of footage you’d like to capture, and which technical specifications are important to you .

Entry Level Cameras

If you’d simply like to upload clips of yourself shredding a downhill run to Youtube, then an entry level model priced around $150-$250 will be a suitable cost effective option.

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Mid Level Cameras

If you’d like to record higher quality video and have more control over ISO, exposure and other settings, then you’ll want a higher end camera which generally cost anywhere between $500-$750.

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High Level Cameras

Higher spec cameras shoot in higher frame rates, which simply means the number of frames being captured every second. A higher frame rate provides better quality footage and smoother slow motion playback.

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Resolution is also another important consideration to make when choosing a camera. Anything from around 720p will look good when uploaded but will start to lose some image quality when played back on larger screens. If you’d like to relive the highlights of your rides on your widescreen TV then you’ll need a camera that shoots in 1080p or HD as it is otherwise known. If you really want the best possible video quality though, the latest high end action cameras are able to shoot in cinema quality 4K resolution which produces stunningly crisp and clear footage that will bring a professional look to your videos.

It’s important to remember that most action cameras require an external memory card which are generally sold separately and need to be factored into your budget when choosing a model.

Finally, you’ll want an action camera that is lends itself to being mounted on either your bike or your body without getting in the way. We carry a great range of chest, helmet & frame mounts that will really capture the action and excitement of your next ride.

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