Baby & child bike seats are specifically designed to let your kids come along and enjoy the ride before they old enough to ride themselves. When choosing a baby seat there are a variety of options for you to choose from with each having its own benefits depending on the preference of the rider and the age of the child.

Baby Seats

Allow for your child to sit nice and close to you and are designed to evenly distribute the weight of the child so as to not impede steering or pedalling for the rider. Many models feature adjustable head and footrests allowing the seat to grow with your young one. Naturally, safety is an important aspect when purchasing a baby seat so ensure that the seat you’re considering has a multiple point, quick release harness and check the weight rating to make sure that not only the seat will be appropriate now, it will accommodate your child as he or she grows.

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Baby Trailers

Offer a more stable option than using a conventional baby seat as they provide a lower centre of gravity. Another benefit of baby trailers is that they provide protection from the elements meaning your young one won’t be exposed to harsh sunlight or get wet when the weather turns nasty. Some models of baby trailers can also be used as stroller or jogger when not attached to your bike making these types of carrier a worthy investment.

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Tag Along

Tag alongs are a fantastic way of including your child on rides where you’ll be going further or faster than their little legs can handle. These are perfectly suited to children aged around 4 years plus who have outgrown their child seat/ trailer yet aren’t quite confident enough to ride their own bike. Your child will love the experience of riding like a grown up and their pedalling can even give you a little help along the way.

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