"Takes care of the worst of it and leaves just the pure enjoyment or riding."

"I have done my test rides of this bike around Brisbane over a good amount of both flat and hills (some quite steep) and I am totally blown away by how good this bike is."

"When I first started setting it up, moving it around the house the 25kg of bike felt heavy and seemed like it could be unbalanced on the ride, but this is far from reality."

"When in the road the bike just feels right. The balance of the bike is brilliant, possibly because the weight is kept down low. I come from a mountain bike background and the wide front flat bars and riding position made for a very comfortable ride and provided very secure handling whilst still maintaining the nippy feel that a commuter should have."

"And as far as the motor goes, many would consider electric bikes as a cheat's option, but you still need to put in the work. The difference is with the help on the hills you don'€™t have that heavy muscle fatigue that comes with climbing, but because there is no dual front chain ring the 9 speeds you have at your disposal means you have to ride at a higher cadence on the flats. This provides a higher rate of cardio work but without the fatigue."

"When you change down a gear the motor does too and based on the power input meter you can see that is in fluctuating assistance where it thinks you need it. And it is very clever the way it matches your input. The different levels of power are great too as you can select how much help you want at any moment."

"The result (for me anyway) was the most enjoyable ride I have had in a long time. Fun, fast and left ready for more afterwards."

"If you are into cycling purely for fitness, and you like road bikes then this might not be the bike for you. But if you enjoy bikes that handle well and enjoy riding for what it is then this is worth a test ride. My bike is set up with dual rear panniers, and the commute to work this morning was with a full set of work clothes and shoes, plus my lunch and tool kit + tubes. And the weight was not even noticed during the ride. Plus, it was so nice to be without the sweaty backpack the whole way. "

"Very happy with the bike and would have no problem recommending it to others."

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