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I live with the 2 others who starred in my winning audition video, my husband Chris and our Greyhound X Ridgeback Clutch.

When I first met Chris he had a Rabbit named Puss and I started the learnings of a life time, lessons that have translated into my career and have proven themselves personally over and over.

Honouring your promise of support and committing to it provide the foundations for growth and success.

About 5 years ago occasional and manageable anxiety built to a 3 month long crescendo.. Anxiety attacks were an escalated warning from my body that things were off track.

My wellness was suffering across the board. An Integrative Wellness and Coaching program over 10 sessions literally saved my life and changed my perspective. So impressed, I am now a qualified practitioner myself, adding to my career skills.

2020 tested my resilience, getting active was hard, and a real test of what I have learned. 2020 was the push to make sure in 2021 I achieve everything I can. 99Bikes Green Team is just the beginning of a great year ahead… lets ride!


Week Four

Monday, 17 May 2021

What a week it has been. Came home from a 10 days away, took the bike in for a service, rode my bike in for my Covid-19 jab#1 then today (see link) the guys at 99 Bikes added mud guards before I rode around town shopping! This 99 days of GreenTeam riding is awesome! PS: I think Clutch is a little over his modelling career LOL!

Week Three

Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Week Two

Monday, 19 April 2021

I’ve had my e-bike for a few weeks now and I have been asked a number of questions about them, mostly from family. So I thought this week I would answer those questions here.

Q1: Does the electric motor do all the work for you?

A1: No it does not. For compliance reasons the motor only amplifies your pedalling effort. On my Cube the motor has 4 levels of amplification Eco (effort x 110%), Tour (x150%), Sport (x200%) and Turbo (x300%).

Q2: How fast can you go?

A2: With pure pedal power you can go has fast as you like in safe conditions. Don’t forget you are still a road vehicle so be careful not to speed. For compliance reasons the electric motor only engages for speeds top to 25 km/hr so once you have enough momentum the motor will cut out.

You don’t really notice this though as you are usually have plenty of momentum that your pedal power simply keeps that going.

Q3: Health-wise is it hard to ride if most of the effort comes from you?

A3: The motor really takes the hardest part of taking off and makes it easier. Concerns around join strain and weight baring worries are really minimised if not removed along with any worry about initial cardio health. I find this is where the biggest benefit for those of us either starting out on a weight-loss/wellness journey or if there is some physical injury or constraint. Once you are rolling the effort needed to keep the bike moving under 25 km/hr is minimal, even up hills. In fact I rarely travel over 25 km/hr up hills as it can be hard and I know the bike will do the work.

Q4: So can you still get fit riding an e-bike?

A4: YES! I always intended to improve my wellness and fitness riding and an e-bike, for me it was a soft start to fitness. That said, now that I am riding an e-bike in place of driving a car, I want to get around relatively quickly which means I am more often than not traveling over 25 km/hr. I feel the burn in my thighs. Initially my weight went up as my leg muscles built up. This week I have noticed my waist is … well … the muffin top is more like an over filled cup cake now or in bloke terms my keg now looks more like a bottle of wine (Pinto Noir bottle or pear shaped). I have also noticed my breathing is lighter. From day 1 I have felt so much happier and the feed back from my husband has been the same, “you just beam when you get off that bike” so mental health is also a big benefit here.

Week One

Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Audition Video 

Monday, 01 March 2021