Saddles are often overlooked when it comes to riders accessorising their bikes, however a well fitting saddle will not only minimise pain and discomfort, it can increase your performance as well. A flat saddle is ideal for speed on the road, while wide, more padded saddle is ideal for mountain bikes.

Road Bike Saddles

If speed comes before comfort on your list of riding priorities then you’ll want a saddle with a flat profile that allows you to get into an aggressive riding position. However, if you’re willing to sacrifice a little speed in exchange for a more comfortable ride then a saddle with a wider, more padded rear profile is a better option. Regardless of your riding style, a saddle with a centre cutout design will provide you with a more comfortable ride as it can help to relieve excess pressure on your sensitive areas.

Mountain Bike Saddles

Mountain bike saddles share a lot of characteristics with their road going counterparts however most riders will be willing to sacrifice a little speed for the comfort of a wider, more padded saddle.

Women's Specific Saddles

Women’s specific saddles are designed to provide greater support for the female body and tend to be a little wider and shorter than men’s saddles.

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