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  1. Whispbar WB201 Frame Mount Bicycle Carrier | 99 Bikes
    Whispbar Roof Rack WB201
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  2. Whispbar WB200 Fork Mount Bicycle Carrier | 99 Bikes
    Whispbar Roof Rack WB200
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Bicycle Car Racks

With our great range of bicycle car racks, you can take your bike with you where-ever you go! We carry a huge selection of the best models of car racks so you can carry your bike on the back of your car. No matter the car model you own, or the type of rack you are after to transport your bike, you can find the best range at cheap prices here at 99 Bikes. Car racks are cheaper and easier to fit than you might think, and once you reach your destination, you'll really appreciate your bike to go and explore.

There are options to suit cars with tow balls, hitches, roof rails, trailers, spare tyres, or absolutely nothing at all. You can choose form a great selection of trunk racks that attach to your car boot easily without needing any other connections, tow-ball racks for those that wish to connect bike transport using their tow-ball, roof racks for cars with roof rails, hitch racks for easy transport of even up to four bikes, and even ute mounts for your tray.

Before You Buy A Bike Rack

  • How it fits to your car?
    You have options including strap-on, roof, or tow-bar racks
  • How many bikes?
    We have racks for a one, up to 4 bikes
  • How many bikes?
    We have racks for a one, up to 4 bikes
  • What's your price range?
    We have a range of racks from $76 to $339
  • How easy is it to fit?
    Most are easy to fit. If you need help, we'll fit your rack for only $35

Strap-On & Trunk Racks

No worries if you don't have any roof racks or tow-bar, you can still strap some racks to the back - this might also be an option if your car has a spare tyre but no tow ball. These racks are great for travelling short distances. There is a huge range of trunk racks to choose from the best brands, including Allen, Jet Black, and Yakima. View Trunk Racks

Roof Rack Bike Carriers

Great for long journeys as they are extremely secure, and allow for greater visibility as rear vision is not impeded. Can easily carry 2 or 3 bikes, a great option if your car has roof rails. Shop a great range from brands including Yakima, Thule and Whisper right here at 99 Bikes. View Roof Racks

Tow Ball Racks

These carriers attach securely to your tow ball and easy to store when not in use. There is a great range of tow-bar bike racks from favourite rands including BikeCorp, JetBlack, Pacific and Thule. Tow Ball Racks

Hitch Racks

The most common fitting types, and also the easiest to install. They are very secure, and generally allow you to carry a greater number of bikes. They also come in a variety of styles to suit your needs. The A-Frame style will allow you to tow a trailer. These come in a 'straight' or 'boomerang' style base, with the 'Boomerang' accommodating for cars with rear-mounted spare tyres. View Hitch Bike Racks

Ute Mounts

Most ute mounts do not require tools to fit, and easily secure in the tray of your ute. This means you can spend less time fitting the car rack and more time riding! We have a great range of Yakima ute mounts to choose from. View Ute Mount Racks