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Our Range of Cube Reaction Hybrid Bikes

The Cube Reaction Hybrid, it is a performance E-Mountain Bike (E-Bike) available in options to suit the beginner right through to the experienced rider. It is an e-mountain bike offers a huge advantage over a conventional bike, especially to novice riders. Having a little extra power on tap not only helps you conquer the climbs, but it also helps you maintain speed and momentum over rough terrain that would otherwise sap your energy and flow.

About The Cube Reaction Hybrid Platform

The Reaction Hybrid Pro features a lightweight alloy frame, with a tapered head tube to give you greater strength and responsive handling. All models in the lineup feature internal Brake Cables routing for a clean look and low maintenance.

The Cube Reaction Hybrid range of bikes is available from the entry level Pro-400 up to the top spec SL 500. With a range of sizes on offer as well there is a Cube Reaction Hybrid to suit everyone looking for Hardtail E-Mountain Bikes.

Cube Reaction Hybrid Platform Technology

The Reaction Hybrid Pro is equipped with the outstanding Bosch Performance CX pedal assist system. This is what is known as a mid-drive system, this style of pedal assist provides the most natural feeling power delivery and integrates organically into the design of the bike. The Performance CX model gives the rider up to 75nm of torque and 250w of continuous power. The bike is finished with a Shimano SLX/XT drivetrain, this means you get smooth and accurate shifting and a wide range of gears to help you through all kinds of terrain. Having this level drivetrain also means the bike is better equipped to handle the additional power of the pedal assist system.

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The Cube Reaction Hybrid is a E-Bike if you're looking to upgrade into the e-bike world this bike and is all about versatility. Great for amateur riders aiming to take their riding to the next level, with high priced models ideal for intermediate riders. Cube also produces other quality Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, E-Bikes, and more.

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