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Your bike will be built up at your local 99 bikes by one of our expert mechanics and safety checked prior to delivery.

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Your bike is delivered to your door by a 99 Bikes expert who will walk you through your new bike and answer any questions you may have.

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Once your order is placed we will be in contact with you within 2 hours to confirm your order

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Your bike will be visually inspected by our mechanics prior to delivery.

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We recommend organising your bike to be assembled by a qualified mechanic to ensure safety.

Electric Bikes

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At 99 Bikes, we stock a wide range of electric bikes and are the leading source of E bikes & accessories. All our electric bikes are pedal-assisted and limited to 25kph to comply with Australian regulations.

Pedal assisted bikes receive varying levels of assistance from electric motors to provide extra power when you're pedalling. We stock a wide range of electric bikes ranging from Commuter bikes to Mountain bikes and everything in between. If you are looking for a better way to commute, exercise or explore the outdoors, talk to our friendly staff about going electric!

There are two main types of motor modes when it comes to the electric bikes Australia uses.


Electric push bikes that assist you only when you pedal. They make for an easy ride and automatically turn off when you stop pedalling or hit the brakes. Pedelecs are also compliant with Australian Regulation as they most closely resemble a standard bicycle with pedals.


These require no pedalling and are more like a lightweight electric motorbike. You have the option of cruising along with pure motor power. However, due to Australian laws, these bikes are only legally allowed to travel at 6kph without pedal assist.



Electric Commuter & Hybrid Bikes are becoming one of the largest segments of E Bikes. They are seen as lean, green, commuting machines and offer a great alternative to catching public transport or commuting to work by car. This Style of Electric Bike is becoming increasingly popular among commuters, weekend riders and food delivery drivers across the country as they have a great range and are simple to ride. Shop the largest range ofElectric Commuter bikes at 99 Bikes.

  • Relaxed upright riding position
  • Inbuilt Kickstand, Racks & Lights
  • Great battery range for around city (80kms+)


Electric Mountain Bikes are at the forefront of E Bike technology. These bikes are packed with extra power meaning that uphill trails are significantly easier and leave you more time for the fun stuff like descending. Contrary to popular belief, this means you can still get a great workout while riding and see more of the trails while you do it. E MTB’s are designed with more durable frames, stronger wheels, tread tyres and come in both hardtail and dual suspension models. Buy Electric Mountain Bikes at 99 Bikes.

  • High torque motors for steep climbs
  • Dynamic trail modes for a natural riding experience
  • More stable over roots and rocks
  • Start enjoying uphill trails


Electric Road Bikes are a relatively new category within the E bike world, however, with the size and weight of batteries coming down, they are becoming more common. Electric road bikes are designed to assist you in a slightly different way. Their lightweight and compact motors are designed for minimal resistance over 25kphs with the power there to help you over the big climbs or when you drop the pace. Shop the best range of Electric Road Bikes at 99 Bikes.

  • Natural riding feeling over 25kph
  • Double front chainring
  • Compact motor & battery design


Electric Folding Bikes are great for commuting around the city or packing in the car for a holiday away. They generally come with smaller batteries than their road and hybrid counterparts meaning they are easier to carry and store. Visit 99 Bikes for the best range of Folding E Bikes for sale

  • Folds to half the size for easy storage
  • One size fits all (Adjustable)
  • Great for short commutes


Every 99 Bikes store offers a free 30-minute test ride on every bike as well as the option to take the bike for 24hrs. This allows you to take it for a proper ride and test the bikes full capabilities on your local trails.

Visit your local 99 Bikes store to book a test ride today or browse and buy Electric bike online, right here at 99 Bikes.

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Frequently asked questions

Why Are E-bikes So Expensive?

As you may have noticed, electric bikes can come in at neely double the price of their analogue models. This is mainly due to 3 reasons:5

  • 1- Lithium ion batteries are expensive to manufacture
  • 2- There are additional parts like the battery, controller, wiring & more
  • 3 - Added materials - parts like the frame need to reinforced to account for the extra weight and stress points

You will often find higher performance and more robust parts on an ebike (chain, drivetrain, wheels & suspension)

How Long Will My Battery Last?

Batteries have a limited life span, a battery’s ability to store and deliver electric energy diminishes with time. Most brands use an intelligent battery management system, which allows for protection from excessive temperature, overcharging and discharging.Bosch offer a tool to get a better estimate: https://www.bosch-ebike.com/au/service/range-assistant/

How Long Does It Take To Charge?

Charging time depends on the battery manufacturer and the battery capacity as well as how you charge it. As a general rule, you are looking at around 4-6 hrs for a full charge. Some battery manufacturers also offer a “fast charger” which can cut charging time down by up to 70%Newer models allow you to remove the battery and charge in a main power sprocket, that way you don’t need to have your bike near a power point every time it needs a charge. See additional info here:Shimano - https://www.merida-bikes.com/en/p/e-bike-systems/shimano-e-bike-systems-149.htmlBosch - https://www.cube.eu/en/cubeworld/technology/hybrid-technology/cube-e-powered-by-bosch/bosch-power-pack/

Service, Warranty & Maintenance

In terms of maintenance, given that it is looked after in the right way, it should not need any more maintenance than your regular push bike. The two main components of an e-bike, the battery and the motor, are not serviceable as they are sealed systems. Therefore, any issues regarding these two components would be replaced under warranty rather than repair. Be sure to check the warranty policy of the bike you wish to purchase.

Do E-bikes Ride Like Their Motorless Models?

The simple answer is yes - electric bikes are designed to perform just like their non-battery powered siblings. For example a Merida One Sixty will ride just like a Merida E One Sixty. The minor differences you may notice are slightly less agile steering as well as the added weight when picking the bike up off the ground or bunnyhopping.

What Range Can I Expect?

Range is a tricky one to estimate as there are a lot of factors that affect how far your charge will last, these are things like:

  • The type of terrain you are riding - steep hills and soft ground like sand will reduce the run time compared to riding along flat asphalt
  • Weight of rider - having a full backpack of gear & heavier riders will reduce how far you can ride.
  • Tyre pressure - increased rolling resistance will decrease your expected range
  • How hard you pedal/what mode - running the bike on eco mode will drastically improve how far you can get off one charge but will also require more pedaling input

Can I Buy Spare Batteries?

Yes, manufacturers do make spare and higher performance batteries. These are available for purchase through your local 99 Bikes store. We stock and are able to order batteries for all models of electric bike we stock.

Are They Legal To Ride Where Can You Ride An E-bike In Australia?

Yes, you are able to ride a pedal assisted electric bike as you would any other bicycle, there are additional laws for electric powered bikes which you can find above. The only exceptions to this would be racing events where e-bikes have their own categories such as the UCI E-Mountain Bike World Series.

Can You Ride With A Flat Battery?

Yes, absolutely! If you find yourself with a flat battery on the trails, you will be able to ride back to the car as usual. Or if you are up for a challenge, you can choose to turn off the battery.

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