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    Merida Silex 200 MD Blue/Orange (2021)
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Our Range Of Merida Silex

The Merida Silex gravel bike is a versatile bike that can go from the gravel to commuting or Bikepacking and everything in between. You’ll get the speed and efficiency of a road bike with the grip and control of a mountain bike, making this the ultimate adventure bike. The Silex is designed with a relaxed and upright mountain bike inspired geometry that maximises comfort without sacrificing performance. Merida built this to be their do it all adventure road bike which is big on stability, versatility and comfort, much more relaxed then Merida’s Cyclocross bike, the Mission CX.

About The Silex Platform

The Merida Silex gravel bike is a nimble and agile bike which makes it ready for any surface or challenge. The Silex comes in both carbon and 6066 triple butted aluminium frame options to suit your style and budget. The aluminium frame is durable yet light and affordable, while the carbon frame is much lighter and can handle grinding on the gravel. Every Silex comes equipped with a light carbon fork which filters out the vibrations and offers a great riding experience. Merida fitted most of the Silex models with simple 1x drivetrains which means they are lighter and have fewer moving parts so that it can perform reliably. They feature 12mm bolt through axles which maximise stiffness and makes wheel alignment much easier when you have to refit.

While 700x35c tyres come standard, they can accommodate up to 700x42c tyres so that you can get the exact ride that you’re after. The standard tyre is a custom made semi-slick tyre from Maxxis which features improved puncture protection and can run at higher pressures on the road and lower pressures on the gravel or dirt for better traction from the side knobs. To finish off this versatile adventure bike Merida added a wide range of attachment points so that you can add any luggage or accessory options that suit your needs. The Merida Silex gravel bike does absolutely everything you could ask, delivering performance, versatility and comfort in one innovative gravel bike. The Merida Silex simply is one of the best gravel bikes on the market.

More From Merida

The Silex is a gravel bike that can do a lot more then grind gravel this versatile adventure bike can go from the city to the dirt in an instant and still ride like a pro Merida also produce other quality road bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes and more.

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