More Time For What Matters With An Electric Bike

Go further, faster and get fitter with electric bikes that will open up your commute to a world of opportunities. With an e-bike you can beat traffic gridlock and cruise to work on bike paths and bike lanes.

Don’t waste time sitting in your car, hit the road with two wheels and the pedal-assist power from your e-bike so that you can help save time, money and the planet all in one.

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Go Further

With electric bikes that have a range of up to 120km on a single charge, you can ride further than ever before, with significantly less effort. You don’t just have to live in the inner city suburbs to commute, with the extended ranges on offer with modern electric bikes you can power your way through any journey.

Plus take full advantage of the power within these electric hybrid bikes off-road allowing you to have a dual purpose bike perfect for commuting and weekend adventures.

2020 Merida Electric Hybrid Bikes

Go Faster

The pedal-assist e-bikes that are available in Australia will assist your speed up to 25km/h which is significantly faster than the average commuter speed. So you can ride with confidence that you’ll get where you need to go in a flash and leave everybody on their ‘normal’ bikes behind.

With fast rolling 700c wheels the Merida e-Hybrid range is ideal for riders looking for that extra boost on their morning and afternoon commute whether it be on roads, lanes or paths.

Merida Electric Hybrid Bikes

Get Fitter

Research has shown that even though you’re getting a boost with the pedal assist, e-bike riders are often getting a similar workout as it helps you go further and longer than you ordinarily would, so you can still get that great workout you’re after if you feel like it.

This combined with a low step through frame allows for a hugely accessible bike, combining a low centre of gravity with a strong and stiff frame delivering fantastic riding for almost any commuting situation.

Merida Electric City Bikes

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Age

Age is no barrier when it comes to riding an electric bike as you can roll the legs over without the strain of other physical activities. Even on tough hills or slow surfaces, the drive unit will power you through so that you won’t have to break a sweat.

No matter whether you want to go fast or slow you can enjoy the fun and convenience of an electric bike at any age.

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Senior citizens riding Merida e-commuter bikes along bike pathway beside Australian lake
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Check out a wide range of Merida electric commuter bikes from e-Hybrid bikes to e-Mountain bikes each suited to a different rider. Head in-store to any 99 Bikes store for a free 30 minute test ride or see the entire range in one place online at 99 Bikes.

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