Phishing Email Clicked

You have clicked a phishing email we sent you to see if you need more information regarding threats of this nature.

What is a phishing scam?

The goal of a phishing scam is for you to voluntarily give up your money or personal details

What will they do with this info?

  • Passwords may be used in conjunction with your email to gain access to other sites
  • Personal details may be used to commit identity theft or gain access to other details
  • Card or bank details may be used to make purchases

What to look for?

Fraudsters can do a great job at mimicking real emails. They already have your emails so they may also already have other personal details, so don't assume presenting your personal details means the email is genuine. 

Check the email

If the name doesn't match the email or the email domain isn't the one you expect or know. This is a great indicator that it may be a phishing email.

Notice the emailer name is "Google" but the address is 99bikes

Check the link

Even more important is to check the link. If the link isn't leading you to the site you were expecting it is likely a fraudulent email. This can be checked by hovering over the link and checking the address or by right click the link and copying it to notepad before following it. Also worth noting that just because the link says doesn't mean that is where it goes (try this one).

When hovering over links the url displays in the left corner
By left clicking the link the address may be copied rather than followed

Still not sure?

If you are still unsure it is better to be safe then sorry. You can forward the email to the current online or technology leader and ask them to confirm it for you.