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Bike Trade In | QLD Only

Trade In Your Old Bike And Upgrade!

Bring your old bike into one of our participating Queensland locations the next time you shop with us. Our team of experts will assess your bike and if it's in great condition, we will give you store credit to put towards your next purchase in store!

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How It Works

Bring your old bike and an accredited government ID in store and our consultants will be able to start the bicycle trade-in process. Currently we only accept trade-ins in-store at selected Queensland locations.

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Value Indication

1 Maximum Value Indication

Our expert consultants will provide an estimate of the maximum value, by comparing your old bike to an equivalent new bike at Club Price.


2 Assessment of Valuation

Next a qualified bike assessor will conduct an assessment. This allows us to see what your bike may need to be in great condition. Learn more

In Store Voucher

3 Store Credit

Once the evaluation is complete, you'll receive your in store credit in the form of a trade in voucher which can be used straight away!

What You Need

To complete a your trade in you'll need more than just a bike. We require an current form of ID that reflect your current residential address, with the addition of two seperate supporting documents that verify your name and/or address.


You must have at least one of these:

  • Australian driver’s licence
  • Australian 18+ card
  • Passport

Supporting Documents

You need to supply at least two of these:

  • Proof of purchase
  • Bank/Credit card
  • Medicare card
  • Utility bill

How We Evaluate Bikes

We evaluate your old bike based off a number of factors that help to obtain a trade in value. The evaluation model we use compares your current bike in great condition to it's nearest equivalent new bike. If labour and parts are required to bring your bike to great condition a qualified bike assessor will let you know of the required costs.

A bike in great condition meets the following criteria:

  • Tyres above minimum tread depth
  • Seat, rims, grips, & cables in good condition
  • Brake pads/disc above minimum thickness
  • Correctly functioning gears
  • Recently serviced
  • Undamaged frame & forks
  • Battery at 80 per cent of original capacity
    (if applicable)

Several other factors are taken into account, including:

  • Bike age
  • Size of bike
  • Colour of bike
  • Bike specifications
  • General wear and tear
  • Missing parts
Almost new bike

Trade in Voucher $250

  • 1 Year old
    (Near new)
  • Bike size small
    (Popular size)
  • Black/White
    (Neutral colour)
  • Replaced parts
    (Abnormal specifications)
  • $50 of labour
    (Compliance checks)
Old damaged bike

Trade in Voucher $450

  • Bike size large
    (Popular size)
  • White/Black/Red
    (Neutral colour)
  • Original parts
    (No abnormalities)
  • 5 Years old
    (Quite old)
  • $150 of labour
    (To reach great condition)
  • $70 of parts needed
    (To reach great condition)


Where can I trade in my bike?

You can trade in your bike at any of our Queensland location.

Can I trade in my bike for cash?

No, unfortunately we only offer in store credit in the form of a trade in value.

Can I use my trade in voucher at another location?

Yes, your trade in voucher is valid at any 99 Bikes location within Queensland.

What can my trade in voucher be used for?

Your trade in voucher can be used on anything in store excluding gift cards.

What is an equivalent new bike?

An equivalent new bike is the nearest new bike 99 Bikes stocks that comes as close as possible to matching specifications and value between your bike and the new.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Great condition is to be determined by a 99 Bikes qualified bike assessor.
  2. If your bike is not in an acceptable condition, labour charges and cost of parts may be required to return your bike to a great condition.
  3. Trade in value cannot exceed $4000.
  4. Any bike trade in valued over $1500 may require a second qualified bike assessor.
  5. Every bike is required to have a $50 labour charge for a minimum compliance check.
  6. If your new trade in bike does not work properly and safely, it does not qualify for the minimum trade in amounts.
  7. A 24 hour cooling off period will apply to all trade in goods, after this time all transactions are final.
  8. A trade in application can be refused at the discretion of 99 Bikes.
  9. Any goods traded in will be held in quarantine by 99 Bikes PTY LTD for a minimum of 3 business days or until verification from the Police checks the goods are legitimate.
  10. If any person or persons has already or does lay claim to the goods and has reasonable proof you agree to repay any loss of goods and or money lost by 99 Bikes PTY LTD.
  11. All goods received and copies of the identification provided will be recorded and provided to the Australian State and Federal Police for processing against the stolen goods registry.
  12. 99 Bikes PTY LTD reserves the right to complete a full criminal record history check of the goods.
  13. 99 Bikes PTY LTD is able to sell and advertise the goods in any way they see fit.
  14. Once this agreement is signed 99 Bikes PTY LTD has the full and sole rights to Own and sell the goods.
  15. 99 Bikes PTY LTD reserves the rights to change the terms and conditions of "Bike Trade In" at any point in time without notice.