Wyld Bikes (stands for What You Love Doing) are handcrafted in Ghana and assembled in Australia. Wyld Bikes tell a special story with each and every frame, creating a significant impact on people and the planet.

A Wyld Bike begins its journey in Ghana, where each frame is handcrafted through the Ghana Bamboo Bike Initiative (GBBI). GBBI empower the local community by generating employment, training and opportunity, with a focus on women in the workplace, providing them with an opportunity to take themselves out of the cycle of poverty and inequality into which they are born.

The bike then makes its way to Australia where Wyld Bikes works to empower young Australians through project based mentorship programs, employment and apprenticeships to assemble the bikes, build components and make the Wyld Bikes ready for you to have the ride of your life while treading lightly.


Did you know Bamboo is one of the strongest and most sustainable natural resources in the world? It is often referred to as green steel.

Bamboo is actually a tree like grass, fast growing and requires no chemicals and very little water to grow unlike trees, making it eco friendly.  In fact, a grove of bamboo releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than the equivalent stand of trees.

For every bamboo plant harvested, 10 more are sewn, not for re-harvesting purposes but to stop the erosion of fertile land - destroying food crops and a critical income source, ensuring that we tread lightly.