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Presta And Schrader Valve Bike Pumps

99 Bikes carries a huge range of bike tyre pumps to suit all riders and budgets.

Ensuring your bike tyres are inflated to the correct pressures is essential not only for performance but for stability and safety. Under inflation can lead to tyre damage and poor handling.

Bike air pumps are available in a range of styles and sizes to suit a variety of scenarios. Here’s a brief overview of the different types of bike pumps to help you choose the right model for your needs:

Floor Bike Pumps

Floor pumps are the largest style of bike pumps and the most efficient way of manually pumping up your tyres to the correct pressures. Floor bike pumps allow the user to exert a large amount of force through the chamber, via their large bases anchored by the user's feet, making it easier to push air into your tubes quickly and efficiently. Given their size, bike floor pumps aren’t suitable for taking along on rides, which is where a hand pump comes in.  

Hand Bike Pumps

Hand bike pumps, or mini-pumps as they are also known, as less effective at pumping up your bike tyres than floor pumps, however their portability allows them to be taken along on rides. You’ll find it more difficult to reach high pressures using a hand pump, however they are useful for mending flat tyres while out riding and generally getting you out of tricky spots when you’re far from home.  

Co2 Bike Pumps

Co2 bike pumps use compressed air, stored under very high pressures to quickly inflate a completely flat tyre. Given their small size, Co2 canisters are easily portable, and quite simple to use with the addition of an inflator valve. Co2 bike pumps can achieve much higher tyre pressures than hand pumps, although be sure to use with caution as over inflation is possible if not deployed properly.  

The Best Bike Pumps at Australia's Best Prices.

99 Bikes carries a huge range of the best bike pumps at Australia's best prices. Our range includes bike pumps from leading brands such as Axiom, Lezyne, Jet Black and more. Shop online or in your local 99 Bikes store today.