Ipswich Bike Shop

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19 East Street 
Ipswich QLD 4305
(07) 3152 2999
Monday: 8:30am - 5:30pm
Tuesday: 8:30am - 5:30pm
Wednesday: 8:30am - 5:30pm
Thursday: 8:30am - 7:00pm
Friday: 8:30am - 5:30pm
Saturday: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am - 4:00pm

99 Bikes Customer Review

About The Shop:

99 Bikes Ipswich is the proud sponsor of the Ipswich West Morten BMX Club.

99 Bikes Ipswich is located on East Street, on the south side of the bridge in the old Radio Rentals building. Our Ipswich bike shop has a huge range of road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, commuter bikes, fixie bikes, cruiser bikes, BMX, scooters and kids bikes. Open 7 days, with on-site bicycle mechanic, offering servicing and repairs on any bike, any brand. 99 Bikes offers the guaranteed best price on bikes, parts and accessories on world leading brands such as Garmin, Shimano, GoPro, Merida, Norco, Apollo, Mongoose, Schwinn and more. 99 Bikes is the bike shop for riders in Ipswich and surrounding areas, offer the biggest range of bikes at the best price.

Meet The Team

Name: Tim Richmond
Role: Team Leader
Customer Service Experience: 13 years at Bunnings, 2 years at 99 Bikes.
Riding Experience: Began competing in Downhill since 2001 and both Enduro and BMX from 2014 onwards.
What do you love about bikes?: Adrenaline, challenging myself to improve, hitting big jumps, all types of different styles of riding, DH, BMX and street .
Expertise: Downhill, Enduro and BMX Race.
Current Bikes: Norco Aurum 6.4 (2014), Norco Sight C.1 (2017), DK Elite Cruiser (2015), Commencal Absolute DJer, Specialised Sirrus Flat Bar Road Bike, Apollo 12-speed steel frame road bike.
Favourite Ride: Illinbah Downhill at Canungra.
Email: tim.richmond@99bikes.com.au
Name: Andy Innes
Role: Mechanic
Customer Service Experience: 13 years as an office manager within the building industry.
Riding Experience: Mountain biking since 2002. BMX on and off since 5 years old.
What do you love about bikes?: Everything - Freedom to ride, fitness, social and fixing bikes to best possible standard.
Expertise: Mountain bikes, BMX and Road - need to know about all bikes from the cheapest ride to the most expensive.
Current Bikes: Norco Sight A7.2 (2015), DK Model X BMX (2016) and Stolen Zeke XLT 26” BMX (2016)
Favourite Ride: Gap Creek Trails - Pipeline and Rocketfrog.
Email: andy.innes@99bikes.com.au
Name: Harry Hanson
Role: Sales Consultant
Customer Service Experience: 5 years retail experience at Kmart.
Riding Experience: I’ve been riding bikes ever since I was a kid but I’ve only recently caught riding bug when I moved closer to Brisbane and began using the bikeways.
What do you love about bikes?: I love the freedom they give you, explorings new places, weaving through bends and of course all the fitness benefits.
Expertise: I’m fairly new on the scene but what I lack in experience I make up in enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. I’m more then happy to put in the hard yards to ensure we find the perfect bike for you.
Current Bikes: Merida Scultura 400 (2016) and Merida Ride 94 (2014)
Favourite Ride: I really enjoy casual rides, although my favourite would have to be have to the river loop in and around Brisbane.
Email: harry.hanson@99bikes.com.au
Name: Tyler-lea Thorley
Role: Sales Consultant
Customer Service Experience: 2 years at GCSN Loan Market.
Riding Experience: Started BMX racing in 2006, I race both nationally and internationally.
What do you love about bikes?: I think when it comes to riding bikes the one thing everyone loves is that adrenaline feeling. I thrive off the fact that there is always opportunities in the sport, meeting new people and just being able to travel all over the world just to ride my bike.
Expertise: BMX racing.
Email: tylerlea.thorley@99bikes.com.au