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  1. Northwave Clan Shoes Black
    Northwave Clan Shoes Black
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  2. Fizik Gravita Versor Shoes Black
    Fizik Gravita Versor Shoes Black
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Our Range of Flat Pedal Cycling Shoes

Leisure cycling shoes or flat pedal cycling shoes offer a more relaxed style and fit to maximise comfort and enjoyment on the bike. They still offer the similar pedalling efficiency and control to regular shoes/cleats combination, but they have integrated the pedal and outsole into a single power transfer system. The best thing is that you can walk with as everything is integrated and you won’t have to walk awkwardly with the shoes. Otherwise known as Touring bike shoes or casual cycling shoes as they allow you to go from your bike to your feet without changing, a practical advantage. Shimano are at the forefront of leisure biking shoes, offering their trademark reliability and practicality. Our range of leisure cycling shoes are available to buy online or instore from your local 99 Bikes.

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