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  1. Globber Explorer 2in1 Trike Red
    Globber Explorer 2in1 Trike Red
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  2. Globber Explorer 2in1 Trike Teal
    Globber Explorer 2in1 Trike Teal
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  3. Globber Explorer 4in1 Trike Teal
    Globber Explorer 4in1 Trike Teal
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Huge Range of Kids & Toddler Bikes For Sale

All of our kids bikes have been built with the comfort and safety of your child in mind. We have a massive variety of colours and designs that will put the smile on the face of any kid between the ages 2-12.

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Frequently asked questions

Our staff are well-known for being the most friendly, knowledgeable and professional bike experts, and will help you with any questions you may have. Here are some of the most common:

Measuring a Kid for Bike Size

Push bike sizes refer to the diameter of the wheels, which are measured in inches. We recommend visiting your local 99 Bikes store for a professional bike fit and sizing, however the general rule of thumb is:

Age Height Wheel Size
Under 2 Up to 95 cm 12 inch balance bike
Ages 2 - 4 78 cm - 94 cm 12 inch kid’s bike
Ages 3 - 6 84 cm - 112 cm 16 inch kid’s bike
Ages 6 - 9 108 cm - 129 cm 20 inch kid’s bike or BMX bike
Ages 8 - 11 125 cm - 148 cm 24 inch kid’s bike
Ages 10+ 145 cm - 160 cm 26 inch kids bike or extra small adults bike

Best Bikes For Kids To Learn On

The average age for kids to learn how to ride a bike is 5 years old. Beyond things like training wheels, there are other important considerations such as how much strength the child has built, particularly when they’re under the age of six. Lighter bikes are easier for kids to ride while they’re still developing the strength needed for riding.

For children up to the age of two, Balance Bikes are a great first step towards learning some of the skills necessary to ride a bike, for example balance and steering.

Looking at the table above, you may want to check out our range of 12” Kids Bikes for children between the ages 2-4, and 16” Kids Bikes if they’re aged between 3-6.

In most cases, 12” and 16” kids bikes will come with training wheels attached, which can be removed as they become more confident riders. They also often include a push steerer, which allows you to guide them when they’re in need of direction or assistance with balancing.

For more information, check out our complete Guide To Buying Kids Bikes.

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