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  1. Northwave Rebel 2 Shoes Black
    Northwave Rebel 2 Shoes Black
    Now $279.00 RRP $299.99 SAVE $20.99
  2. Northwave Tribe Shoes Grey
    Northwave Tribe Shoes Grey
    Now $149.00 RRP $159.99 SAVE $10.99
  3. Shimano Shoe RP1 (Black)
    Shimano RP1 Shoes Black
    Now $99.00 RRP $109.99 SAVE $10.99
  4. Shimano RC500 Shoes Black
    Shimano RC500 Shoes Black
    Now $189.00 RRP $209.99 SAVE $20.99
  5. Northwave Tribe Shoes Black
    Northwave Tribe Shoes Black
    Now $159.00 RRP $179.99 SAVE $20.99
  6. Castelli Toe Thingy 2
    Castelli Toe Thingy 2
    Now $34.00 RRP $39.99 SAVE $5.99
  7. Shimano RP3 Road Shoes Black
    Shimano RP3 Road Shoes Black
    Now $144.00 RRP $169.99 SAVE $25.99
  8. Shimano ME3 SPD Shoes Black Front
    Shimano ME301 SPD Shoes Black
    Now $139.00 RRP $159.99 SAVE $20.99

Items 1-36 of 77

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Our Range of Cycling Shoes

Cycling Shoes are specifically designed to help optimise pedalling performance on the bike, ultimately making your ride easier and faster. The most noticeable feature of the Cycling Shoe is that they 'Clip-in' to compatible pedals using Cleats, meaning the pedal stroke is benefitting from both the 'pushing down', and 'pulling up' motions of the pedal stroke.

Bike shoes also have a strong sole which enables you to transfer more power in each pedal stroke, which effectively makes your pedalling more efficient. As the key to this is reducing the amount of flex in the platform (the sole of the shoe), shoes will progressively become stiffer as they become more performance oriented. Shoes designed for commuting for recreational mountain biking will tend to more closely resemble street shoes, with the addition of a particular strong and rigid sole. More performance focused shoes for experienced riders and racers will feature a carbon fibre sole which offers the least amount of flex, whilst remaining very low weight. We also offer a range of Cycling Shoe Covers to protect your feet from the cold and wet winter weather.

Road Bike Shoes

Road Cycling Shoes or Road Bike Shoes are focused on being lightweight; effectively transferring power, and keeping the foot placed in the optimal position throughout the ride. Cycling shoes for triathlon vary slightly in the way they secure the foot, as they are designed for the rider to secure their foot in the while they have started riding their bike leg, 99 Bikes also ranges a great selection of Triathlon Shoes.

Mountain Bike Shoes

Mountain Bike Shoes or MTB Shoes tend to have more traction on the sole than road cycling shoes, as the mountain biker is more likely to need to use their shoes to grip the trail at stages than a road rider. The cleats are also more recessed into the shoe which helps this, as well as acting to keep the area clear of mud. Generally mountain bike shoes can clip into either side of the pedal making it much easier to quickly 'click in' on steep slopes and rough terrain.

Commuter Bike Shoes

Commuter Bike Shoes and Leisure & Touring Shoes tend to be hybrids between cycling and street shoes. They enable the rider to clip-in and pedal more effectively, but they also transition easily into shoes for general walking.

The Best Cycling Shoes At The Best Price

99 Bikes has a huge range of some of the best Mens and Womens Cycling Shoes from brands like Shimano, Northwave and more. Cheap cycling shoes compatible with Shimano SPD, Speedplay and Lock Pedal Systems.