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  1. Norco Scene 1 Hybrid Bike (2018)
    Norco Scene 1 Hybrid Bike (2018)
    $999.00 $969.00 $872.10
  2. Schwinn S1 Cruiser (2018)
    Schwinn S1 Cruiser (2018)
    $399.00 $389.00 $350.10
  3. XDS Loretta 15in Mint 2019
    XDS Loretta Cruiser Bike Mint
    $699.99 $649.00 $584.10
  4. Schwinn21 S1 M Black MD
    Schwinn S1 Cruiser Bike
    $399.00 $389.00 $350.10

32 Items

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Huge Range Of Cruiser Bikes For Sale

Recognisable for their classical style, these simple and comfortable are perfect for around town riding and commuting.

Road bikes are often the choice for riders who are looking for general fitness training and riding socially, all the way up to more serious endeavours such as events and racing.

Cruiser bikes often have only one or a few gears, making them very simple to ride and extremely easy to maintain. A favourite for a quick visit to the weekend markets, the grocery run, or cruising the streets near the beach; no matter the activity you'll look the part on a cruiser bike.

Are Cruiser Bikes good for commuting?

There are a couple of reasons why we believe the answer is yes. Cruiser bikes have a relaxed, upright riding position, which makes them comfortable and easy to ride (particularly at low speeds). There are also plenty of points for adding extra storage, with rear racks and front baskets offering simple, practical add-ons.

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What size Cruiser Bike do I need?

Before reading on, rest assured that when purchasing a new cruiser bike at one of our stores, you will receive a free professional fitting. This is the best way to make sure you get the bike tailored to your needs.

As a starting point, if you click on any of our Cruiser bikes above, you will see a Sizing Chart at the bottom of the page underneath the Details box. All you need to do is measure your height in centimetres and then refer to the Sizing Chart. It will tell you which sizes, measured in XS (Extra Small), SM (Small), MD (Medium), LG (Large) and XL (Extra Large), may be suitable for you.

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