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  1. Pedal Jet 2 Black
    Pedal Jet 2 Flat Bar Road Bike
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  2. Pedal Hawk Hybrid Bike Green
    Pedal Hawk Hybrid Bike Green
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  3. Shogun Mens Electric Bike 18" Grey
    Shogun Mens Electric Bike 18" Grey
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Our Range of Commuter & Recreation Bikes For Sale

A Commuter Bike is not quite a Road Bike, not quite a Mountain Bike, rather something in between. This versatile category can be split into three different styles – Hybrid Comfort, Hybrid Sport, and Flat Bar Road Bikes.

There is a Hybrid Bike to suit all budgets and riding preferences, from the great value Merida, Norco and Apollo entry level models, all the way through to the Merida eSpresso Urban and Velectrix Urban models which feature the latest e-Bike technology and quality fitout. You can find a great range of bikes for commuting, for all budgets.

Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid Comfort Bikes feature a relaxed, upright seating position, with some models offering suspension forks. These are great for fitness and leisure, and can be used for some light off road riding. Hybrid Sport Bikes are similar to Hybrid Comfort bikes, however they are a little more aggressive in their styling to allow for more off-road use and a more efficient riding position. Hybrid Sport Bikes are fantastic for longer rides on bike paths, commuting to work, or touring over long distances. Hybrid e-Bikes, or Electric Bikes are a great option for commuters that want more from their pedalling. Electric Hybrid Bikes are the perfect choice for those commuters that don’t want to work up a huge sweat getting from A-to-B!

Urban Bikes

Urban bikes are designed for the rider that wants to ride in comfort on their local bike paths and bike lanes without kitting up for the tour. Similar to hybrid bikes, urban bikes are built for commuting over a range of distances and capable of handling the bumps of inner city riding, tackling gutters and dodgy paths. The geometry is designed to put you in an upright and comfortable position so that you can ride in any clothing you like. These frames are usually made from alloy that is light yet durable, often with a step-through frame for female specific use and easy mounting. You'll often find these urban bikes equipped with pannier racks, front and rear racks, as well as mounting points for any additional storage. You can find urban bikes with rim or disc brakes, however a lot of bikes come with disc brakes for improved performance in the fast-paced urban environments.

Flat-bar Road Bikes

Flat Bar Road Bikes are similar to the traditional Drop Bar Road Bike, with flat handlebars providing a more upright seating position, and improved handling at low speeds. They also feature wider tires than traditional road bikes, making them more suitable for going off curbs and gutters. There is a huge variety of flat-bar road bikes to choose from for all commuters. You could consider the easy to maintain and great value of the Pedal Jet, or look at the various models within the popular Apollo Trace range.

Folding Bikes

Folding Bikes are also gaining popularity for those inner-city commuters that want the versatility of being able own a set of wheels but require a compact storage solution. Dahon are the leaders in folding bikes and you will find a great range of Dahon Folding Bicycles here at 99 Bikes.

Touring Bikes

What is a touring bike you might ask? Well that often depends on exactly who you ask. Generally speaking, touring bikes are built for long rides with the potential to carry all of the cargo you need. So with that in mind, a touring bike is built to be comfortable, with upright geometry so that you can enjoy the ride, as well as a saddle that is built for endurance and not so much for speed. A touring bike comes with plenty of mounting points so that you can place a front or rear rack and even panniers on your touring bike. You’re not usually going to find a carbon touring bike, with most bikes made from alloy or steel for the durability and versatility.

Touring bikes will roll on wider tyres that offer better grip rather than speed, with the width giving you a smoother ride and helping with some of the bumps. Another choice is between flat bar and traditional drop bars, flat bars give you comfort and control, while drops bars are built for speed. When it comes to how to choose a touring bike, it is best to consider all of these features and analyse what you really need from your touring bike. Ultimately you want a bike that balanced comfort with durability, stability and versatility so that you can be ready for any ride and go wherever the paths leads you.

The Best Commuter Bikes At Australia's Best Prices

Shop an extensive range of Commuter and Recreation Bikes from some of the best brands including, Apollo, Cube, Mongoose, Schwinn, Pedal, and more. Head online and in store at any of our locations in Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Sydney, Sunshine Coast.

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