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Electric Mountain Bikes

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Huge Range Of Electric Mountain Bikes For Sale

Get more out of cross-country riding, climbing and downhill trails with an electric mountain bike. The natural feeling assistance makes these types of riding more accessible to riders of varying ages and abilities.

For those starting out, more pedal power means less exertion and more time to enjoy the ride! It also turns uphill climbing from an often painful chore into becoming an engaging part of the overall experience.

Experienced riders exploring more advanced trails will appreciate the suspension and grip of an electric mountain bike, which provide a greater level of comfort and control while going downhill, compared to regular mountain bikes.

Why buy an eMountain Bike?

  • Powerful motors open up new territory and trails riders may not have been able to reach before.
  • WIth ascents being an absolute breeze, riders can score extra runs before tiring out or running out of time.
  • Paired with wider tyres, riders can push through tough terrain with more stability and control

Interested in a test ride?

Walk into a 99 Bikes store and choose any e-bike to take for a free 30 minute test ride or a 24-hour demo. A $49 service fee applies to a 24 hour demo, which is refunded if you purchase any e-bike, see in-store for more details.

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