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Our Range Of BMX Racing Bikes

BMX Race is a form of off-road bike racing on purpose built race tracks. The course generally contains jumps, rollers, as a lot of tight corners to navigate as riders sprint towards the finish line. BMX racing was introduced to the Olympics in Beijing, 2008.

There are two wheel sizes for BMX Racing Bikes; 20-inch, which is the more commonly favoured; and 24-inch cruisers.

BMX Race Bikes are built to perform in the rigours of intense off-road racing, and need to be sturdy, light, fast and manoeuvrable. Like Freestyle BMX Bikes, they will generally be built with Chromoly frames. The main difference will be the BMX Race Bikes focus on speed, rather than ability to perform tricks. As such, the most noticeable difference is the larger wheel size.

BMX Race Bikes

BMX Racing Bikes have one gear, meaning the rider needs to have a gear ratio that can get them to speed quickly, accelerate out of corners, up hills and over jumps. BMX Race Bikes have a larger front sprocket than other BMX Bikes, which enables the rider to pedal at higher speeds. Good brakes are also important to enable the rider to slow down rapidly to negotiate corners and other obstacles.

The Best BMX Racing Bikes At The Best Price

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