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  1. Bryton Rider 420E Bike Computer
    Bryton Rider 420E Bike Computer
    $219.99 $187.00 $187.00
  2. Wahoo ELEMENT ROAM Bundle
    Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM Bundle V2
    $749.95 $719.00 $719.00
  3. K-Edge Wahoo Pro Combo Mount
    K-Edge Wahoo Pro Combo Mount
    $106.95 $99.00 $89.10
  4. Computer Bryton Rider 320E
    Bryton Rider 320E Bike Computer
    $189.99 $161.00 $161.00
  5. Computer Bryton Rider 750E
    Bryton Rider 750E Bike Computer
    $429.99 $365.00 $365.00
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Our Range of Cycle Computers

99 Bikes carries a huge selection of cycling computers from leading brands such as Garmin, Bryton, & Wahoo at Australia’s best prices.

Whether you just want a simple bike speedometer for your commute to work, or the GPS capabilities of one of Garmin’s top spec bike computers, you’ll find the perfect cycle computer for your needs at 99 Bikes.

At 99 Bikes we stock the biggest and best range of bike computers from brands such as Garmin, Wahoo, Bryton, cateye, sigma and more. When it comes to what is the best bike computer it really comes down to what your after and then deciding between Wahoo and Garmin bike computers. Your basic GPS bike computer will tell you how fast, how long and how far you have ridden. Better models come with GPS to map your ride and the potential to add performance metrics from a third-party power meter to measure watts and cadence etc.

But the more advanced models can integrate with heart rate monitors, show live mapping and Strava segments, as well as smartphone integration. Most bike computer apps will allow you to use your phone to view the metrics post ride so that you can analyse your data for training purposes or just for fun. Wireless bike computers are standard and most will easily attach to your bike via a small out front mount, compatible with road bikes, mountain bikes and everything in between.

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