Kids Helmets

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  1. Hornit Pug Kids Helmet
    Hornit Pug Kids Helmet
    Now $59.00 RRP $64.99 SAVE $5.99
  2. Hornit Shark Kids Helmet
    Hornit Shark Kids Helmet
    Now $59.00 RRP $64.99 SAVE $5.99
  3. Wipeout Youth Helmet Black
    Wipeout Youth Helmet Black
    Now $49.00 RRP $69.99 SAVE $20.99
  4. Hornit Llama Boys Helmet
    Hornit Llama Boys Helmet
    Now $59.00 RRP $64.99 SAVE $5.99
  5. Hornit Sloth Boys Helmet
    Hornit Sloth Boys Helmet
    Now $59.00 RRP $64.99 SAVE $5.99
  6. Hornit Spider Boys Helmet
    Hornit Spider Boys Helmet
    Now $59.00 RRP $64.99 SAVE $5.99
  7. Netti Pilot Racing Car Helmet
    Netti Pilot Racing Car Helmet
    Now $36.00 RRP $39.99 SAVE $3.99

Items 1-36 of 55

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Our Range of Kids Helmets For Sale

99 Bikes have a wide of kids bike helmets for all children including babies, toddlers, and youth. Shop a wide range of kids helmets including boys helmets and girls helmets in various styles like kids BMX helmets. Our great range of kids helmets bring both safety and fun designs together. When buying a baby or kids bike helmet, the same guidelines apply as if you were buying a bike helmet for yourself - it needs to be comfortable, durable and the correct size. You should also ensure that you choose a helmet colour and design that your child will love to ensure that they’ll want to wear it every time they jump on their bike.

Toddler Helmets

Toddler bike helmets unlike most kids bike helmets intended for older children feature a flat helmet back like baby helmets in order to allow for child bike seat and child trailer use. Toddler helmets are often similar to baby helmets the major difference being sizing as with all bike helmets having the correct size for your kids is the most important step to ensuring they’re safe while riding.

Youth Helmets

Youth bike helmets, feature many adult bike helmet designs and standard and are effectively small adult helmets. Typically from the age of six, kids will be effectively be using small adult helmets labelled youth helmets or kids helmets with the added benefit of vibrant colours and fun designs.

Baby Helmets

Baby bike helmets share many similarities with toddler bike helmets. Baby helmets like toddler helmets differ from adult helmets with majority of baby helmets using In-Mold construction vs the readily available adult helmets that may use the Hardshell and In-Mold methods. The difference in these techniques being In-Mold fusing the plastic outer shell to the inner foam where as Hardshell where the shell may be glued or taped to the foam.

Kids BMX, Skate & Scooter Helmets

Kids BMX bike helmets, also referred to as skate helmets or scooter helmets are extremely similar to traditional adult BMX bike helmets. Kids BMX helmets offer funner design and more colour options while often featuring lighter, more durable materials. Many skate helmets feature front visors to add protection for your children when they're out riding in the sun for extended periods.

Kids Helmet Safety Regulations

You should only ever purchase a kids bike helmet that meets Australian safety standards. All of our bike helmet styles and designs meet and exceed these regulations so you can have peace of mind knowing your child is protected when riding their bike. We suggest learning more about Australian Bicycle Helmets Regulations.

The Best Kids Helmets At Australia Best Prices

We have a great range of kids bike helmets for boys, girls, toddlers, babies, youth & older kids at the best prices. With stacks of fun and colourful designs to choose from, you'll be sure to find the perfect helmet for your little one, from great brands like Bell, Hornit, Nutcase, Lazer, Met, Netti, and more.

You can buy online and head in store to any 99 Bikes store in Sydney, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Melbourne, and Brisbane to get your kids bike helmet fitted correctly.