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  1. Shimano RS500 Pedal
    Shimano RS500 Pedal
    $79.99 $68.00 $61.20
  2. BBB Steady Rider MTB Pedal
    BBB Steady Rider MTB Pedal
    $19.99 $19.00 $17.10
  3. Pedal Shimano ME700
    Shimano ME700 Pedal
    $89.99 $76.00 $68.40
  4. Shimano 105 R7000 Carbon Pedal
    Shimano 105 R7000 Carbon Pedal
    $199.99 $169.00 $152.10
  5. BBB SteadyRest MTB Pedal
    BBB SteadyRest MTB Pedal
    $39.99 $35.00 $31.50
  6. Ryfe Sasquatch Pedal Black
    Ryfe Sasquatch Pedal Black
    $59.95 $49.00 $44.10
  7. Look Keo Classic 3 Pedal | 99 Bikes
    Look Keo Classic 3 Pedal
    $89.99 $84.00 $75.60
  8. Look Keo 2 Max Pedals Black
    Look Keo 2 Max Pedals Black
    $159.99 $130.00 $117.00

Items 1-36 of 67

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Our Range of Bike Pedals 

Bike & Bicycle Pedals are essential to the mechanics of any Bicycle, and there are various styles of Bike Pedals that cater to a wide range of cycling activities. The most common Bike Pedal is the Platform Pedal (Flat Pedal) with others such as; Clip In Pedals (Clip-In) & Clipless Pedals, Mountain Bike Pedals, Road Bike Pedals, BMX Bike Pedals, Pedal Toe Clips & Straps, and Clipless/Platform Bike Pedals. Cycling style’s will often determine which bike pedals are used.

Platform Bike Pedals

Platform Bike Pedals or Flat Bike Pedals are found on most bikes when first purchased due to their universal practicality and ease of use. These bike pedals don’t require any special shoes, although their basic design typically means they aren’t for performance cycling. Downhill Mountain Bike riders sometimes use flat pedals because of the freedom of movement. A step up from these are Pedal Toe Clips or modify with Straps. Which allows for the most basic up, down power. Pedal Toe Clips usually allow for normal shoes and just clip the shoe into a net like system allowing cyclist to pull up and push down. While Straps are usually added to an existing Flat Bike Pedal to create the same motion.

Clip In Bike Pedals

The most common styles of Clip-in Bike Pedals (sometimes referred to as Clipless Bike Pedals) are Road Bike Pedals and Mountain Bike Pedals. These bike pedals offer the same range of movement the toe clips present although provide a high level of control with the mechanism of attachment allowing for a Cycling Shoe to be attached directly to the pedal. This mounting system isn’t possible without Cleats acting as the bridge connecting the two.

Road Bike Pedals

Road Bike Pedals, are a type of Clip-in Pedal that are engineered with a 3-hole design, sometimes referred to as a “Look” type cleat. Road Bike Pedals are far more advantageous than other pedals due to their ability to improve efficiency by allowing a pulling motion that can be applied to a downward stroke. Typically larger these pedals spread significant force, reducing the pressure loads on connecting points, making them great for Road Bikes.

Mountain Bike Pedals

Mountain Bike Pedals (MTB Pedals) are similar to Road Bike Pedals the only difference being that instead of a 3-hole design they feature a 2-hole design often referred to as Shimano Pedalling Dynamics (SPD) allowing for a much small Cleat. These require different shoes to that of Road Bike Pedals with the advantage of the pedals allowing the rider to slide their shoes slightly forward and backwards to help with minor adjustments whilst riding which invaluable whilst riding Mountain Bikes.

Touring Bike Pedals

Touring Bike Pedal or Clipless/Platform Bike Pedals, allow for the best of both world. These bicycle pedals are designed to flip for flexibility, with one side allowing for clip-ins and the other a flat pedal. These pedals are great for commuters who like to ride a bit more on the weekends but need the flexibility of being able to ride without their Cycling Shoes during the week.

99 Bikes range a wide selection of quality Bicycle Pedals, catering for all riders with brands like Shimano, JetBlack, Garmin, Colony, Odyssey, BBB, BikeCorp, and more.