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Cube Bikes

After a brief hiatus for Cube Bikes in Australia, the German brand has been back since 2016 and available exclusively at 99 Bikes. Cube is a bike manufacturer with an overwhelming passion for innovation, quality and meticulous attention to detail. As well as high-performance road, mountain and commuter bikes, Cube is particularly strong in the e-bikes category and are partnered with the market leaders in electric drivetrains, Bosch. Their electric bikes are created with a holistic approach that maximised Bosch's drive units and batteries so that you get the best riding experience possible on two wheels. Cube are one of the few brands that use the reliable Bosch e-bike components and combined with the thirst for electric bikes in their home land of Germany, Cube set the standard for reliable and practical electric bikes that for everything from commuting in comfort to crushing trails.

Changes to their import model meant that Australian consumers have not been able to access Cube Bikes since 2014. We were so keen to make sure our customers had access to the Cube brand again that we decided to take on the importing job ourselves! This means the range available is what we feel is most suitable for 99 Bikes customers and their needs, and we can offer this range of incredible value by importing directly from the manufacturer.

Cube bikes are tested thoroughly on road, trails and in the test lab under tough and demanding conditions. Only after a team of designers, engineers and test riders are convinced of an extraordinary bicycle does it become part of the Cube fleet. Just as meticulous as they are with quality, they are with aesthetics. It's safely said that the Cube range of bikes is one of the most aesthetically pleasing, and head-turning on the market, with incredible care taken to match even the smallest detail on every bike. Cube bikes have been selling the world over for nearly two decades, with a massive presence on the roads and trails of Europe. Some people might wonder if Cube bikes are any good as they aren't incredibly well known in Australia, but the overwhelming answer is yes, German engineering, testing and design produces an almost flawless ride. They are known for excellence, providing bikes for the professional Wanty-Groupe Gobert cycling team who ride at the high levels of the professional ranks. From incredible hybrid electric bikes to elite road bikes, Cube have you sorted from commute to race-day and everywhere in between.

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