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Our Range of Bike Lights

There are only really two reasons that you need lights, but they both happen to be pretty good ones. One, to see. A critical function for any rider, and even if you travel along a fairly well-lit route, there's no doubt that some point you'll come across potholes, gaps in the street lighting, or something else that makes you wish you could see in the dark. Two, be seen. Cars, pedestrians, and other riders want to avoid you just as much as you want to avoid them. Give them the best chance you can to do that, and help keep everyone safe. To ensure the best visibility for both yourself and other road user, it is common to attach Front Lights and Rear Lights. Handy Lightsets combine both into one package.

The Best Bike Lights At The Best Price

We carry a large range of front & rear bike lights from all the best brands including Moon Bike Lights, Knog, Exposure, Garmin, Serfas, CygoLite, and more. No matter whether you're looking for powerful Mountain Bike Lights or streamlined Road Cycling Lights, you'll find the perfect LED Bike Lights at 99 Bikes.

Finding The Right Bike Light

We have a great range of light options for all riding styles and budgets, starting with simple battery powered commuting bike lights through to powerful USB rechargeable bike lights.

Things to Consider Before Buying Lights
  • When riding at night, or where visibility is poor, riders must use a front light, rear light and reflectors.
  • If you require lights predominantly for visibility, then smaller, cheaper lights will be able to offer this.
  • If you are riding in darker areas for longer periods and require visibility of the road or path ahead, then you will need to consider the lumen or watt output of the light.
  • USB rechargeable lights, while more expensive, are generally lighter, and more convenient to keep fully charged. You also save money over time buy not requiring replacement batteries.
  • For road commuters, side visibility should also be a consideration when you are selecting a light.

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