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Sports energy drinks and gels play in important role in fuelling your ride, with carbohydrates from gels and a combination of electrolytes and carbs from sports drinks, powders or tablets. Energy gels are portable and offer an instant on the go burst of easy to consume carbohydrates and even caffeine in select gels.

Energy gels are perfect for cycling and other sports like running, simply put them in your pocket and you’ve got fuel for your long ride. While energy drinks offer a combination of hydration and carb fuelling, ideal for those that can’t handle solid foods or gels. Sports drinks can come pre-made or in powder and effervescent tabs which are portable and ready to go at a moments notice.

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks otherwise known as electrolyte hydration drink or powder are essential in providing the necessary sodium, calcium, magnesium, and potassium required for prolonged endurance exercise. Electrolyte powders are flexible in allowing you to customise intake when adding to drinks, with the ability to top up existing electrolyte drinks.

Energy Gels

energy gels are concentrated hydration, commonly based on maltodextrin, providing carbohydrates and glucose in a convenient absorbable gel. It is important to note that energy gels should be consumed with water as the concentrate won't prevent dehydration. These gels are great to use before and during exercise as they typically raise your blood sugar level immediately. You can find that there are typically 3 types of gels, caffeine energy gels, glucose/fructose energy gels, and isotonic energy gels. Each with there own benefits, we suggest speaking with a 99 Bikes consultant to find the one that is right for your cycling needs.

The Best Energy Drinks & Gels At The Best Price

Discover a huge range of energy drinks and gels and other nutrition from quality brands likes, Endura Nutrition, Nuun, Shotz, SIS, Torq, and more. Shop online and in store at your local 99 Bikes in Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sydney, Sunshine Coast, Perth, Adelaide, and Canberra.

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