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Our Range of Bike Water Bottles, Cages & Hydration Packs

It is always a great idea to carry water with you on any ride no matter the length, to keep your hydration levels up and keep performance at it’s peak. When it comes to choosing what type of Water Bottle & Cage or Hydration Pack set up you need you should consider how long you’ll be riding and what type of riding you’ll be involved in, also how much extra weight you’re willing to carry whilst out.

Water Bottles

Water Bottles are typically less involved in a decision making process with many people opting to grab the cheapest bottle that matches their bikes colour scheme. However, if buying plastic you should look out for BPA & BPS free materials, dishwasher safe, durable and always find a size that’ll fit into your cage. Bottles have many different heads today, some are easier than others, others are more secure whatever you’d like to be sure to check out the whole range before making a purchase.

Water Bottle Cages

Water Bottle Cages offers many different ways to secure a water bottle to your bike, generally most mounts are on the inner side of the frame underneath the seat post, however, there are other types of mounts which sit on the rear of your seat post. For triathletes, there are specially engineered mounts designed to sit on aero bar mounts for the ultimate aerodynamic hydration.

Hydration Packs

Hydration Packs or Hydration Pack-backs are most commonly used when Mountain Biking. The advantage to hydration packs is that they can carry significantly more water than bottles. They’re also handy in that most have hands-free drinking, with tubes ending with vales allowing riders to keep both hands on the bike at all times. Hydration Packs come in various sizes, the right size for you depends on your trail length. 

Quality Bike Water Bottles, Cages & Hydration Packs At The Best Price

99 Bikes has a large range of quality Water Bottles, Water Bottle Cages, and Hydration Packs from leading cycling brands such as CamelBak, JetBlack, BBB, Topeak, Elite, Lezyne, and more.

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