Road Bike Helmets

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  1. Helmet Met Miles MIPS Black
    MET Miles MIPS Helmet Black
    $139.99 $112.00 $100.80
  2. Lazer Tonic MIPS Helmet Black
    Lazer Tonic MIPS Helmet Black
    $139.99 $112.00 $100.80
  3. Lazer Tonic MIPS Helmet White
    Lazer Tonic MIPS Helmet White
    $139.99 $112.00 $100.80
  4. Helmet Met Miles MIPS White
    MET Miles MIPS Helmet White
    $139.99 $112.00 $100.80
  5. MET Vinci MIPS Road Helmet White
    MET Vinci MIPS Road Helmet White
    $189.99 $152.00 $125.10
  6. Lazer Tonic Helmet Black
    Lazer Tonic Helmet Black
    $109.99 $76.00 $68.40
  7. MET Rivale II MIPS Helmet Black
    MET Rivale II MIPS Helmet Black
    $269.99 $216.00 $194.40
  8. MET Rivale (Black)
    MET Rivale Helmet Black
    $199.99 $119.00 $107.10
  9. Lazer Tonic Helmet White
    Lazer Tonic Helmet White
    $109.99 $76.00 $68.40
  10. Met Rivale II MIPS Helmet White
    MET Rivale II MIPS Helmet White
    $269.99 $216.00 $194.40
  11. Helmets Met Manta MIPS White
    MET Manta MIPS Helmet White
    $389.99 $312.00 $280.80
  12. Helmets Met Manta MIPS Black
    MET Manta MIPS Helmet Black
    $389.99 $312.00 $280.80
  13. MET Trenta Helmet Black
    MET Trenta Helmet Black
    $349.00 $279.00 $251.10
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Our Range Of Road Bike Helmets For Sale

Road bike helmets generally feature lightweight aerodynamic designs which help reduce wind resistance and provide ventilation around the rider’s head. Road cycling helmets are constantly becoming lighter, more comfortable and durable as innovation in the field of bike safety pushes these products to their limits.

When buying a road bike helmet, it is important to ensure that you select the correct size in order to ensure a comfortable, yet secure fit. To determine what size you’ll need, simply measure the circumference of your head using a piece of string placed about 3 cm above your eyebrows. A well-fitting helmet should be snug but not uncomfortable. Most bike helmets will also feature a retention system (normally in the form of a dial adjuster) which allows you to fine-tune your fit.

Road Bike Helmets

Road bike helmets are designed to feature more air vents compared to other helmets such as mountain bike helmets, helping to improve airflow. Road helmets often are lightweight and simpler in design compared to most other helmets. They typically don't feature visors as the majority of road cyclists wear cycling caps or sunglasses to protect their eyes. Generally, road bike helmets are preferred by weekend riders', commuters, and road riders for their lighter, more compact, racier and sleeker look.

Aero Bike Helmets

Aero bike helmets are created to reduce speed, be lighter than typical bicycle helmets and to reduce drag whilst keeping you safe by using aerodynamic design to move air over the helmet. They are a hybrid between road bike helmets and time-trial helmets (TT helmets), featuring most of the benefits of TT helmets while not having the long tail. Riders' who are looking for a hybrid road helmet that works for both training and race day tend to grab an aero helmet for its functionality and price point.

Commuter Bike Helmets

Commuter bike helmets are extremely similar to standard road bike helmets with small differences, providing advantages for commuting. Commuter helmets often feature visors, high vis colours, and even fixed lights sometimes to improve rider and road visibility. They also feature fewer vents which aid in protection from weather conditions such as rain and wind. Not all commuters wear commuter bike helmets, most commuters choose a helmet based on personal preference and some still wear road helmets or street helmets.

Aero Triathlon Helmets & TT Helmets

Aero triathlon helmets (Triathlon bike helmets) and TT helmets (Time-trial helmets) are designed to maximise aerodynamic's. Triathlon bike helmets are often smoother allowing air to flow over the helmet more efficiently, featuring either shorter tails or long tails that help reduce drag when cycling. Other Triathlon helmets offer easier transitions between swim to bike and bike to run with magnetic features.

The Best Road Bike Helmets At Australia's Best Prices

Shop a great range of road bike helmets in a number of styles to suit all riders. 99 Bikes has some of the best brands available in Australia including Bell, Met, Giro, POC, Coros, Lumos, and more. Shop online and in store at your local 99 Bikes in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra, and the Sunshine Coast.

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