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  1. Shimano SH11 Cleats Yellow
    Shimano SH11 Cleats Yellow
    $34.99 $29.00 $26.10
  2. Shimano HG53 9-Speed Chain
    Shimano HG53 9 Speed Chain
    $34.99 $29.00 $26.10
  3. Shimano Shoe RP1 (Black)
    Shimano RP1 Shoes Black
    $109.99 $99.00 $89.10
  4. Shimano ME1 MTB Shoes Black
    Shimano ME1 MTB Shoes Black
    $129.99 $99.00 $89.10
  5. Shimano RC300 Shoes Black
    Shimano RC300 Shoes Black
    $199.99 $175.00 $157.50
  6. Shimano RC100 Shoes Black
    Shimano RC100 Shoes Black
    $149.99 $139.00 $125.10
  7. Shimano SH12 Cleats  Blue
    Shimano SH12 Cleats Blue
    $34.99 $29.00 $26.10
  8. Shimano XC100 Shoes Black
    Shimano XC100 Shoes Black
    $149.99 $139.00 $125.10
  9. Shimano 105 R7000 Carbon Pedal
    Shimano 105 R7000 Carbon Pedal
    $199.99 $149.00 $134.10

Items 1-36 of 211

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Shimano Cycling Range

Shimano is an iconic brand in the cycling industry accounting for over 50% of the global bicycle component market! Here at 99 Bikes we carry a great range of Shimano cycling accessories at the best prices in Australia. Below is an overview of the most popular categories within the Shimano cycling product range.

Shimano Pedals & Cleats

Shimano Pedals & Cleats is one of our larger ranges of pedals and cleats which cater to all riding styles and budgets. Shimano’s road cycling cleats align with their range of groupsets with specific models for Dura Ace, Ultegra and 105 fans plus additional models for the less tech conscious road cyclists. Shimano also produce a quality range of mountain bike pedals that features designs which prohibit mud from becoming stuck around the clipping mechanism, ensuring a smooth riding experience no matter what the terrain throws at you.

Shimano Cycling Shoes

Shimano Cycling Shoes are great, whether you’re looking for road or mountain bike cycling shoes, Shimano manufactures a range of high quality, performance inspired cycling shoes for riders of all abilities and interests. Shimano’s cycling shoes incorporate the latest cutting edge technology are designed to maximise comfort and support whilst maintaining a high level of performance under all riding conditions.

Shimano Groupsets

Perhaps their most famous product line, Shimano’s groupsets are a prominent selling point for any road or mountain bike. Starting with the top of the range Dura-Ace, Shimano’s road bike groupsets can be found on most quality road bikes sold in Australia. If mountain biking is more your style, Shimano also manufacture a large range of quality mountain bike groupsets that offer a high level of shifting precision in all types of conditions.