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  1. Hamax Kiss Baby Seat
    Hamax Kiss Baby Seat
    $149.99 $139.00 $125.10
  2. Shotgun Kids MTB Seat
    Shotgun Kids MTB Seat
    $220.00 $185.00 $166.50
  3. Beto Baby Seat 700c V Brake | 99 Bikes
    Beto Baby Seat 700c V Brake
    $149.99 $139.00 $125.10
  4. Hamax Zenith Relax Baby Seat
    Hamax Zenith Relax Baby Seat
    $219.95 $209.00 $188.10
  5. Wee Ride Baby Seat
    Wee Ride Baby Seat
    $199.00 $179.00 $161.10
  6. Hi Vis Safety Flag
    Hi Vis Safety Flag
    $19.99 $18.00 $16.20
  7. Hamax Observer Front Baby Seat
    Hamax Observer Front Baby Seat
    $229.95 $199.00 $179.10
  8. Baby Seat Do Little Original
    Do Little Original Baby Seat
    $179.99 $130.00 $117.00
  9. Baby Seat Do Little Biggie
    Do Little Biggie Baby Seat
    $199.99 $147.00 $132.30

Items 1-36 of 49

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Massive Range Of Baby Bike Seats

The first time taking a young child on their first bike ride is an unforgettable experience for a parent. It only gets more enjoyable from there as you get more comfortable riding with a baby seat attached and witness the joy on their faces.

Types Of Baby Bike Seats

If you’re unsure about what type of seat will best suit your needs, head over to your local 99 Bikes shop and talk to a member of our team.

Rear Mount

Rear-mounted baby seats are typically larger than their front-mounted counterparts, and will likely come with additional comfort features, such as the ability to recline. Depending on what bike you have, the seats can attach to the frame of your bike or the rack.

Front Mount

Front-mounted baby seats are generally attached right behind the handlebars. While your child may not be able to recline in the seat, you can quite often adjust the settings of the footrests to give them a more comfortable ride.

The key reason we often hear riders opt for the front mounted baby seats is because it makes for a more engaging riding experience for both the child and the adult. With the child in front of you, it makes it easier to communicate and point things out over the course of the ride.

Mid Mount

Primarily an option for older, or taller, children, a mid mount seat attaches to the bike frame in front of the rider. While they’re often quicker to install and release, they tend to require the adult rider to exert more effort in keeping the bike balanced.

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