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Our Range Of Baby Seats For Bikes & Push Bike Trailers

Huge range of baby seats and push bike trailers at the best price. Quality brands at the best price - cheapest Croozer, WeeRide, Beto and more.

Baby Bike Seats

Baby & child seats are specifically designed to let your children come along and enjoy the ride, even before they are old enough to ride themselves. Bike child carriers can mount at the rear (behind the saddle); to the top tube (between the rider and handlebars); or in front of the handlebars over the wheel. Each has its benefits, depending on the preference of the rider and the behaviour of the child whilst on the seat.

Bike Trailers

Bicycle trailers are used to cart anything of size behind you on the bike. Our range includes child trailers, joggers, dog trailers and cargo trailers. Open air and enclosed tag along bike trailers to suit any conditions.

When choosing a bike trailer it is important to match the weight of your cargo inline with the weight limit of the trailer. Carrying a child that is above the recommended weight capacity of the bike trailer can affect the handling and safety of your bike. It is also a good idea to attach a high visibility safety flag to your bike trailer to ensure maximum visibility and prevent dangerous collisions with your precious cargo.

Some models of bike trailers also double as a jogger stroller, giving them an extra level of versatility for active parents.

The Best Baby Seats For Bikes & Bike Trailers At The Best Price

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