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Massive Range Of Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes

The two major styles of mountain bikes are Hardtails and Dual Suspension. The key difference, as the name suggests, is that Dual Suspension mountain bikes will feature a suspension fork at the front and a rear shock at the back, while Hardtails will come with just the suspension fork at the front.

Dual suspension is best suited to riders who are looking for adventure, hitting up the local trails and tackling downhill runs. The rear shock helps by absorbing the impact from taking on unsealed trails and bumps, making rough terrain more comfortable to ride on. Their wheels maintain better grip on the trail, creating a smoother riding experience, and better braking performance, allowing for quicker stopping. This also adds up to being able to navigate more easily through the twists and turns of more technical trails and downhill descents.

Wheel Size

Dual suspension mountain bikes are available in 27.5” or 29” wheel sizes.


A 27.5” wheel typically offers improved handling and increased agility, and it is because of these features that they are often the preferred option among those who are looking for trail riding and downhill descents.


Being slightly bigger, the surface of the 29” wheel will make more contact with the ground and grip better, making for a smoother ride.

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