Dual Suspension

Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes

Dual suspension mountain bikes feature suspension at both the front and rear, providing higher levels of comfort and control over rough terrain. Dual suspension mountain bikes are used across a variety of MTB disciplines and the best dual suspension mountain bike for you depends largely on what type of riding you’ll be doing.

There are two main features to consider when purchasing a ‘dually’: suspension travel and wheel size.

Typically, longer suspension travels are seen in pure downhill mountain bikes in order to soak up heavy bumps and obstacles, however if you’re riding longer distances over flatter terrain, you’ll likely want to choose a model with a shorter suspension travel in order maintain your momentum.

The majority of dual suspension mountain bikes on the market today have either 27.5 or 29 inch wheels - both offering their own pros and cons. 27.5 inch models offer greater agility, handling and lower weight, making them a favourite for trail and downhill riders, whereas 29 inchers offer decreased rolling resistance, making them better suited to cross country style riding.

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