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Our Range of Cycling Eyewear

Every cyclist knows it can be tough going without a reliable piece of cycling eyewear to keep the bugs and debris out of your eyes. Whether it's cycling sunglasses on the road or goggles and mountain bikes sunglasses on the trails, we have it all for you at 99 Bikes.

On the road, cycling sunglasses will protect your eyes from insects as well as the sun itself, not to mention all of the glare off those concrete paths you’re riding on. Choose between polarised sunglasses which are great for reducing glare, and Photochromic Cycling Sunglasses which adjust to the light you’re in. When it comes to the mountain bike sunglasses, the concept is the same, just that you might be after a bit more protection out on the dirt. You should look for sunglasses that offer wide coverage and protection, so that you can be safe from any stray debris. Alternatively, goggles offer a secure and reliable fit that is tough and offers far better protection from foreign objects. Goggles are less breathable, larger and heavier, but the pros outweigh the cons if you’re testing your limits on the trails.

Finally, if you’re a leisure rider, brands like BBB have more relaxed casual sunglasses which blend style with UV protection, while also offering protection from debris. What you choose is up to your style and preference, so come and see the best cycling glasses brands and best bike goggle brands, including BBB, 100% Percent, Venture and JetBlack. Available in-store today or shop online at 99 Bikes.

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