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Electric Bikes

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  1. XDS E-Lectro Electric Bike Black (2020)
    XDS E-Lectro 18in Black 2020
    $1,849.00 $1,799.00 $1,619.10
  2. XDS 21 E-Conic S2 Mint
    XDS E-Conic S2 Electric Cruiser Bike Mint
    $1,995.00 $1,959.00 $1,763.10
  3. XDS E-City Folding Bike Hub Drive 20in
    XDS E-City 20"
    $1,749.99 $1,699.01 $1,529.10
  4. XDS E-Lectro 18in Mint 2020
    XDS E-Lectro Electric Cruiser Bike Mint
    $1,849.00 $1,799.00 $1,619.10

Items 1-36 of 81

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Huge Range Of e-Bikes For Sale

An Electric Bike receives varying levels of assistance from electric motors to provide extra power when you're pedalling. Many in our range are well suited for all rider levels looking for a better way to commute or explore the outdoors. Alternatively, Electric Mountain Bikes make that uphill trek much more accessible to riders and are a great way to see more when out on the trails.

There are two types of pedalling when it comes to e-Bikes:

Pedelec or Pedal Assist

Electric Push Bikes that assist you only when you pedal. They make for an easy ride and automatically turn off when you stop pedalling or hit the brakes. Pedelecs are also compliant with Australian Regulation as they closely resemble a standard bicycle with pedals.

Power on Demand or Throttle Based

These require no pedalling. You would have the option of cruising along with pure motor power as the pedals and the motor have been designed independent of each other.

Most Popular Brands

Electric Hybrid or Urban Bikes

One of the largest segments of e-Bikes, the Hybrid is often seen as the city alternative to the car and the perfect solution for getting around town easily. They are seen as lean, green, commuting machines; a new age solution to catching public transport and getting around a congested city with ease.

Electric Mountain Bikes

Extra power means that uphill trails are now a breeze and basically feel like descending the entire time. Their ease of use won’t have you huffing and puffing on trails, giving you more time to enjoy the views. They are designed with more durable frames, stronger wheels, tread tyres and come in both Hardtail and Full Suspension Models.

Frequently asked questions

Batteries have a limited life span, ability to store and deliver electric energy diminishes with time. Most brands use an intelligent battery management system, which allows for protection from excessive temperature, overcharging and discharging.

How Long Does It Take To Charge?

A full charge normally takes up to 4 hours. A few factors come into play regarding battery charge:

  • Battery size
  • Bike weight
  • The terrain
  • The rider's weight

How Do I Charge It?

Newer models allow you to remove the battery and charge in a main power sprocket, that way you don’t need to have your bike near a power point every time it needs a charge.

Service, Warranty & Maintenance

In terms of maintenance, given that it is looked after in the right way, it should not need any more maintenance than your regular push bike. The two main components of an E Bike, the battery and the motor are not serviceable as they are sealed systems. Therefore, any issues regarding these two components would be replaced under warranty rather than repair. Be sure to check the warranty policy of the bike you wish to purchase.

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