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  1. Phone Mount Quad Lock Bike Mount Pro | 99 Bikes
    Quad Lock Bike Mount Pro
    $34.95 $34.00 $30.60
  2. Quad Lock Car Mount V4
    Quad Lock Car Mount V4
    $59.95 $59.00 $53.10
  3. Quad Lock iPhone XR Case
    Quad Lock iPhone XR Case
    $34.95 $34.00 $30.60
  4. Bone Tie Pro 4 Phone Mount
    Bone Tie Pro 4 Phone Mount
    $39.99 $34.00 $30.60
  5. Bone Tie 4 Phone Mount
    Bone Tie 4 Phone Mount
    $39.99 $34.00 $30.60
  6. Garmin Micro USB Ant Stick
    Garmin Micro USB Ant Stick
    $69.99 $49.00 $49.00
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Our Range of Bike Computers, GPS & Heart Rate Monitors

Bicycle Computer or GPS Sports Watch, Which is Right For You

Whether it’s riding for fun, fitness or competition, at the end you the day you’re exercising. To make the most of any form of exercise, you need to be aware of the length, quality and intensity of your activity. Starting at less than $20 (Club Price), there’s a great selection of bike computers and bike speedometers suited to all styles of rider. Find the right Cycling Gadgets via our buying guide here.

Bike Computers

A basic Bike Computer is perfect for the avid leisure rider, as it records and displays trip distance and speed. This helps you know how far you’re riding and when to service your bike.

As you move up in price, computers and watches are suited to riders with more specific training goals. Bike computers generally become wireless and offer additional functions. No cable means no wear-and-tear and a longer lifespan. More functions include average and max speeds, cadence etc. Cadence is your pedalling revolutions per minute, which aids effectiveness of both constant and interval training. Some of the most popular bike computers for tracking speed and performance are Garmin and Wahoo. Both offer a range of Accessories, Mounts and Sensors to ensure your stats are tracked easily.

GPS Bike Computers

GPS based computers and watches use satellite technology to accurately track your movements and training. GPS technology enables precise measurements of additional factors such as altitude and elevation, and feature more detailed analytical software. GPS also means no wires, and simple recharging. The Garmin Edge range offers a few models to suit various budgets and needs, whilst the Wahoo Element is another favourite. These popular models offer a huge range of handy features like turn-by-turn guidance, phone alerts, integration with popular tracking platforms like Strava, and accessories and add-ons like heart-rate monitors and speed & cadence sensors.

Sports Watches & Heart Rate Monitors

Heart Rate Monitors provide an extra level of insight into your performance and training load. These models pair with computer software for the ability to download and conduct more detailed analysis of training data. Many of our Sports Watches feature integrated wrist Heart Rate Monitors too. You would be pretty hard-pressed to find a more popular model than the Garmin Fenix 5 and 5S range for those serious about tracking fitness goals on and off the bike.

Cadence Sensors

Cadence Sensors allow you to measure your pedalling rate, or the number of revolutions of the crank per minute. Cadence is related to, but separate to overall speed. Knowing your cadence can help you with gear selection, and generally working towards improved pedalling efficiency.

Power Meters

A Power Meter is a device that measures power output of the rider at each pedal stroke. This provides feedback on actual physical output, and is used in training and racing by high performance cyclists. Our range also includes Biometric Data Recording Devices.

99 Bikes range of Bike Computer, GPS & Heart Rate Monitors include some of the best brands such as; Garmin, Wahoo, Shimano, SRAM, Bryton, Quad Lock, K-Edge, Lezyne, and more.

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