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  1. Garmin HRM-Tri Wireless Sensor (Black) | 99 Bikes
    Garmin HRM-Tri Wireless Sensor Black
    Now $168.00 RRP $199.99 SAVE $31.99
  2. Garmin HRM-Tri & HRM-Swim | Bundle | 99 Bikes
    Garmin HRM-Tri & HRM-Swim Bundle
    Now $267.00 RRP $299.99 SAVE $32.99
  3. Garmin Edge 820 Bundle | 99 Bikes
    Garmin Edge 820 GPS Cycling Computer Bundle
    Now $589.00 RRP $699.00 SAVE $110.00
  4. Garmin HRM4-Run Sensor & Strap
    Garmin HRM4-Run Sensor & Strap
    Now $152.00 RRP $179.99 SAVE $27.99
  5. Wahoo TICKR FIT HR Armband
    Wahoo TICKR FIT HR Armband
    Now $109.00 RRP $109.99 SAVE $0.99

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Our Range of Heart Rate Monitor Watches

Take your workouts to the next level with a heart rate monitor watch from 99 Bikes!. We carry a wide selection of heart rate monitors from the best brands at the best prices in Australia.  

Heart rate monitors are a great method of monitoring and controlling the intensity of your workout. They allow you to achieve the optimal level of exertion for your fitness goals based on your maximum heart rate (your maximum heart rate can be calculated by subtracting your age from 220, i.e. if you’re 30 years old your max heart rate would be 190).

In order to build endurance you need to get kilometres in your legs, however if you’re pushing yourself too hard you’ll tire prematurely and won’t be able to sustain the length of workout required to build your aerobic capacity. Conversely if you’re not pushing yourself hard enough you won’t get the most out of your time spent on the road, track or in the pool. That’s where heart rate monitors come in... As a guide beginners should aim to sustain between 50-65% of their max heart rate, enthusiasts 60-75% and experienced athletes 70-85% - these figures are indicative only and should only be treated as an approximate guide.


The Best Heart Rate Monitor Watches at the Best Price

If you find a cheaper price for a heart rate watch elsewhere, we will beat it by $1! This applies to any cheaper price found on an online store, or in a physical store, in Australia.