Flatbar Road

Our Range Of Flat Bar Road Bikes For Sale

Flat bar road bikes are similar to the traditional drop bar road bike in that they are designed for fast, efficient riding over longer, on-road trips. The main difference is the addition of flat handle bars which provide a more upright seating position, and improved handling at low speeds. The flat handle bars and shorter top tube means the rider is not as 'stretched out', creating a more relaxed, upright riding position than a traditional drop bar road bike. This means the flat bar road bike is generally used as a commuter option due to the comfort and practicality.

Flat bar bikes also provide a great alternative for riders that might be uncomfortable on a traditional drop bar set up. For example, new riders with flexibility issues, or lacking confidence on the bike will often prefer the more stable handling and comfortable riding position.

Flat bar road bikes also feature wider tires, making them more suitable for going off curbs and gutters, as well as offering a bit of extra comfort and more surface area for tread to grip the road. Cheaper flat bar bikes generally utilise mountain bike gearing, while more performance focused models utilise road bike gearing. Some bikes also feature disc brakes, which greatly improve stopping power, and are particularly valuable in wet conditions.

The Best Flat Bar Bikes At The Best Price

Flat bar road bikes from some of the world's leading brands, including Merida, Norco, Lapierre, Apollo, Cube, Pedal and more. Options to suit every rider, from cheap flat bar bikes, right through to performance focused, carbon fibre flat bar bikes.