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  1. Envy One S3 Scooter Purple/Teal
    Envy One S3 Scooter Purple/Teal
    $169.95 $127.00 $127.00
  2. Stunt Scooter Envy One Complete S3 Green Orange
    Envy One S3 Scooter Green/Orange
    $169.95 $127.00 $127.00
  3. Stunt Scooter Envy One Complete S3 Black Red
    Envy One S3 Scooter Black/Red
    $169.95 $127.00 $127.00
  4. Stunt Scooter Envy One Complete S3 Teal Black
    Envy One S3 Scooter Teal/Black
    $169.95 $127.00 $127.00
  5. Envy One S3 Scooter Pink/Teal
    Envy One S3 Scooter Pink/Teal
    $169.95 $127.00 $127.00
  6. Stunt Scooter Envy One Complete S3 Black Pink
    Envy One S3 Scooter Black/Pink
    $169.95 $127.00 $127.00
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Our Range of Kids Scooters For Sale

99 Bikes has an awesome range of kids scooters otherwise knowns as kids kick scooters which are ideal for children of skill levels and all ages. Kids scooters are smaller adult scooters designed specifically for kids and are a great alternative to kids bikes as they offer an easier to balance and control style of riding around on footpaths and at skate parks. Kids scooters are commonly made up of two wheels and feature a brake attached to the rear wheel that is applied when placing the back foot down on it.

Kids Scooters

Kids scooters offer many benefits for parents and kids alike looking to entertainment either at the local skate park or on the local street. Kids scooter are often cheaper when compared to kids bikes while still providing ease of storing and transporting with most models featuring folding mechanisms. Scooters provide a fantastic learning environment for kids to practice and master balancing, control and ultimately more advanced skate park tricks.

Convertible Kids Scooters

Convertible kids scooters are a robust kids scooters developed for younger children that allow for various forms of riding, right from parental assistance up until eventually more traditional scooting. These kids scooters providing a safe learning environment, where many feature three wheel designs for extra stability and often adjustable seats with handles attached for adults to push the scooter along.

The Best Kids Scooters at Australia’s Best Prices

99 Bikes has a massive range of kids scooters available in various styles, colours, and sizes. Featuring some of the world’s best brands including Madd Gear Pro (MGP), Globber, Mongoose, Envy, Grit, and more. Shop online and in store at any of our locations in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Perth, Sunshine Coast, Adelaide, and Melbourne.

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