About Us

All About 99 Bikes

We’re your comfort zone before you step out of it. Your squad to help you hit the ground riding. Your support crew to handle mechanical strains and pains. First time trail riders or first time riding a bike, we’re the place you come to get all your questions answered. You got this and we got you. And when you’re ready to step your riding up a gear, we’re here for you too. Our team is passionate about finding the right bike for you and we’ve been sharing this with our customers since opening our first shop in Milton in 2007, where only 99 bikes could fit! Now you’ll find us all over the country – cause we’re Australia’s largest bike retailer and we get to share our passion for finding, fixing, sizing and sharing tips on your perfect ride, every day!

Our Philosophies

These are our long standing beliefs, with only small changes over time, starting at Flight Centre in the 1980s. They help us make and challenge decisions. We passionately believe in these philosophies and reference them often.


The company is our people. We care about our people, their health and wellbeing, their family and ‘Brightness of Future’. We have high expectations of performance and teamwork and promote from within. We nurture, trust and invest in our people and we include everyone.


Each individual has equal privileges and rights. There is no us and them. We operate an open and transparent business, with total information sharing. We encourage honest communication between all roles.

3 - A.M.P.

Autonomy. Mastery. Purpose. Our 3 biggest motivators. We aim to contribute towards something bigger than ourselves. We control our own destiny, seek to improve our skills and fulfil our potential.

4 - Take Responsibility

We look within and take responsibility for our own success and failures. See it as it is, not worse, not better, always moving forward. We ‘Talk Up’ to improve the company and our own experience.

5 - Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

We take our business seriously but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Work is fun, we enjoy what we do and we celebrate.

6 - Ownership

It’s important to treat the business like it’s your own business, with a passion for your role. We offer our people financial ownership, through Shares, Business Ownership Schemes (BOS), Profit Share and Commission.

7 - Customers

We are driven by consistently listening, understanding and improving on the customer’s perspective. We encourage and embrace our competition to benefit the customer.

8 - Family Village Tribe

We have a simple, flat and transparent structure. Based on how we evolved to work together.

Family = Your Team of ideally 6 people, up to 8.
Village = Your local group of teams
Tribe = Your whole area or business or brand, up to 200 people

Leaders or aspiring leaders spend time on the front line to stay in touch and facilitate better decisions and direction. This allows for greater empathy and genuine understanding.

9 - One Best Way

We follow One Best Way to achieve high standards, until a better way is found. We believe in a model of continuous improvement. Decisions are made where the action is. We value common sense over conventional wisdom.

10 - Purpose Drives Profit

Profit is the best measure of success, but that is worth nothing if we don’t execute our core purpose. Purpose is more important than profit. We do the right thing, not the easy or self serving thing. The world is a better place because Pedal Group is in it. Long term thinking, playing the infinite game.